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State Farm Insurance, "like a good neighbor?" What a joke, but I'm not laughing. As a matter of fact, if I could afford a team of lawyers I'd site them for false advertising. It sickens me every time I see or hear this false claim. In my case, State Farm was not there.

About five years ago I was ask by a friend to switch my auto insurance carrier from AAA car insurance to State Farm auto insurance. The friend he referred me to, had just opened a new agency and asked me to help him out, which I did (much to my regret). I realize how it difficult it is to start a new business. You need customers to keep your storefront rent paid up, and to earn money for yourself. That's a simple fact as in starting any kind of business. At one time I owned a book store and I'm familiar with the struggle. Any business must start at some time, and in these times it's the hardest of times.

Well, the friend I had previously mentioned passed away a couple years ago. I was prompted to return to AAA, but just failed to do so because I have a busy life and could never find the time to do so. I felt there wasn't any need to and also had peace of mind knowing that State Farm auto insurance was protecting me if I were to have an accident. I'd be covered. I'm one that hates to admit when I'm wrong but this is one of the times I make exception. Yes, I was wrong and now I'm paying for it. State Farm isn't "there" for me.

About a half year ago, I was driving my car on my way to do volunteer work at an area homeless shelter. I'm a safety conscience driver and was going the speed limit (35 mph) and had my seat belt on. As I was crossing one of the intersections, I had the green light. A young man (son of the owner of a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee) had a flashing red light when he stepped on the gas to make his left turn, crashing it into my left front fender and driver's side door. I have two independent witnesses that saw the whole thing. He received a ticket for failing to yield to the right of way. His carrier (Citizens Insurance) has already acknowledged that their client was at fault.

As a result of this accident, I had been seriously injured with rib contusions. The blunt force of the inner door panel striking my left side aggravated a precondition making that injury much worse than it was. I had four bulging discs and am uncertain if prior to the accident one of those discs had been herniated. The pain had become unbearable due to this accident, and I'm uncertain if this is permanent or not.

Insofar, State Farm Insurance has failed to pay for any medical attention that I've received. Further, they have refused to pay for all the transportation costs to take me to and from any of the doctors who have given me care. They are refusing because they believe that they can weasel out of paying due to my precondition. This is ridiculous because it isn't my fault that I was more vulnerable than if I had not had this precondition. The accident caused much more damage to me than what I suffered before.

It's unimaginable that State Farm Insurance hasn't paid for my initial treatment in the ER, nor the ambulance transportation. They choose to appose what they are liable for. Was I paying them all of these years for nothing? As a result of their failure to be a good neighbor, we have filed suit against them which my lawyer and I concur that we will prevail.

Unfortunately for State Farm car insurance, that alone is less than satisfying for me. Little do they know, they are messing around with the wrong person. I'm what is known in the arena of website development as an SEO specialist. I own and operate a couple of websites and also do freelance work as an SEO consultant. I also have plans to submit similar content to other websites of this nature, and to create one of my own. My objective is to flood the Internet with as much negative publicity that I can mustard up against them. It's great to live here in the USA, where I can exercise my first amendment to right to freedom of speech. This also allows me to create my own website that would be optimized with special care to damage the reputation of State Farm Insurance. As long as I write the truth, there is nothing they can do about it. These statements are all true.

Oh yes, I am pissed. And if there was anything more than *** that belongs in the toilet, at the very top of my list, that most certainly has to be State Farm Insurance.

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:( I was in a serious Motor vehicle accident and State Farm is my insurance carrier. I had to have major surgery and was taken out of work..I am still getting treatment and I get a check for lost wages from state farm because I have a 50,000 cap for lost wages..In January they tried to cut me off saying I reached my three year limit and I told them that the three years was up in dec 2011..After review and putting me on hold they said that I was correct and I would continue to be paid until dec 2011.

Last week I only received a check for a third of my monthly ammount they told me I reached my 50,000 limit. I recieved 1500.00 a month for 2 years. I also tried to go back to work in 2009 for 5 months and the doctor took me back out. They also said they paid 21,000 in medical.

I asked for an itemized sheet showing the total.

I called today and she said there is 9,000 not listed on the sheet for taxes they paid on my 19,000 they have paid me...I thought there, was no taxes on no -fault..The representative started getting angry with me and saying why should we pay you more than a job while you sit home..I said because I am injured lady not just sitting on my ***..and I paid for this benefit...when I ?? the taxes..I got 80% of earning she said the 20% went to taxes..I know that is a lie..I need to find out if this is true about the taxes does anyone know where I would call or what office to contact...I know that 9,000 is not for taxes and I should be getting paid until Dec 2011...I will make them pay if they are lying...Please help if you are educated in Insurance laws..Thanks


Get this one. Even though this is hear-say, it doesn't surprise me in the least and I have little doubt that this was a false statement.

The owner of one of the transport companies I was using (until they dropped me because of a history of non-payment from State Farm) told me that a former customer won his case against State Farm as a result of a jury verdict. State Farm had the audacity to appeal the ruling against them. This man was paralyzed from the waist down and wheelchair bound. In my case, I’m expecting to settle out of court with the other drivers insurance, well before I see that my medical expenses are covered by State Farm Insurance.

My real question is why is the federal government allowing State Farm to conduct business? They are a huge corporate bully that is in the business of exploiting unknowing consumers. The appropriate word for them is thief. They swindle billions of dollars from the public annually.

I know first hand that I’ve been ripped-off because of all the suffering they are putting me through. I’m being denied the medical care that I need to get better. I’ll never fully recover. They are making my condition worsen, due to not being treated.

For this, they will end up having to pay more for further damages. State Farm Insurance Company will rue the day they chose to mess with this person. Eventually, this will pan out to be a David and Goliath scenario. I won’t rest until I see the day that I prevail.

I hope that I’m causing a stir in State Farms PR department. State Farms hierarchy can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

I plan on being a constant thorn in their side until the day I die. I guess that they haven’t heard that the pen is mightier than the sword.


My best friend got hit a State Farm insured driver (other driver ticketed). They have not paid one dime on his wife's injuries after 5 years. He owes in the neighborhood of $40K now.

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