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Our home flooded and the insurance adjuster came out and gave the original estimate. We were being pushed all along to use their "choice" contractor company because they are all buddies.

We chose our own that we trusted. Our home continued cracking even after the drywall was fixed and we asked our contractor to come back out to assess the additional damage, as he originally said to just have his choice company take pics and submit any additional damages. When our contractor submitted, he refused them, and said he'd come back out to review the damage. When the adjuster came back out, again more guilt trips for not using their choice contractor.

During the visit he denied the damage was related, and his story changed numerous times and made no sense. Then sprung on us that he made an overage mistake in our original estimate and he'd have to take that back out. We were never informed, and had already sent in the estimate to our mortgage company and agreed to the work with the contractor we hired. The work was over half done with the contractor, now there was $3000 short to finish the work.

We are livid and don't have the money to finish the work because of his "mess up". My family has been out of the home for over 3 months now and now we're at another standstill due to this "surprise". There was also NO prior communication about this until he came to our house, and he's denying the added cracking and damage is due to the flooding, when our contractors and an engineer all said it looks to be related. All we've heard through this whole experience is we should've used the company they recommended and we wouldn't have had any trouble.

We strongly feel we are being punished for not doing it the way they pushed us to, and used a contractor we trusted. The price and timeline were the same upfront for each of the contractors we interviewed. We don't understand how state farms contract numbers can change towards the end of the agreement.

This is not the way a company should be doing business. If he made the mistake, he should be eating it, not us!!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Homeowners Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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"Buddies"? No.

Insurance companies have preferred providers who are contracted to first, GUARANTEE their work and second, agree to the insurance company's prices. Those companies who are contracted with insurance providers can offer discounts because they understand customers will most likely choose the provider who is most willing to work within the insurance company's parameters while still giving that guarantee of solid workmanship.

Of course, the customer has the right to choose whomever they would like to do the work. I'm sure you were told that.

I'm also sure you were told that if there were charges that went above and beyond the scope of what would be paid to the preferred provider, you would be responsible for the difference. That's how all insurance companies operate.

You are not being punished. The company is only sticking to exactly what they told you would be the case, up front.

I'm also quite sure you're just not happy that they are reminding you of what you were told in the beginning.

You might want to think about why your contractor, your "buddy" is charging you more rather than working with the average prices that you could have gotten from someone else along WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY'S UPFRONT and BACK END GUARANTEE.

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