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I worked for State Farm for 30+ years and was fired. The last two years of my career there was a living *** due to my supervisor continuing to harass me. Telling me, "I'm not going to fire you I just need to scare you a little". I was the 4th person in your unit to fired within 8 months.

Another time telling me, "I can't fire you it takes an act of congress to get you fired." On Thursday she would walk through the unit and say, "nobody will be fired tomorrow I'm not going to be here". Or walk through the unit and say, "nobody is getting fired I don't have any boxes in my hands." She has a very dark personality (covers on the light bulbs in her office and always work dark colored clothes) and continual sarcasim.

She claims to be a christian, so accordingly to the bible, she will be forgiven for all her sins. May God Bless me with another job.

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no comment because it will not matter. Everyone has a reason and STATE FARM just CAN NOT BE WRONG ACCORDING TO THEM....SAD


I was fired also. Terrible place!

Can we sue??

to Anonymous #1545990

My husband is in the same situation with four other underwriting coworkers as of yesterday. He has worked at the StateFarm underwriting office here in CA for over 16 years.

The other coworkers have been here over 30 years. They are all hanging in there waiting for the office to close to collect their severance package as the office continues to close its operations in CA. They are all part of a high performing underwriting group who were blind-sided with the news that they were being “written up and put on probation” due to their decrease in production!!!! If the probation paperwork starts now and they are cited for low production again then StateFarm will fire them (without severance pay) in the near future.

I am going to search for legal consultation on whether StateFarm is allowed to do this or not. Did you get your answer about suing????


Samantha warren sucks as a claims rep. Worst attitude I’ve seen in years

Portland, Oregon, United States #942302

I would like to offer you an opportunity to remain in insurance sales to utilize your experience and get paid for it. You can practice in your home state and really achieve a six figure income.

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Sure wish I knew who you were. Going through the same exact thing right now with the same company.

If people don't stick together they will continue to think of ways to fire people with 30 plus years in.

Really wish I knew who you were and the others there that got fired. 817-262-9193 message the word fired it will get to me

Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States #652499

same excat thing happened to me after 31 years at RR Donnelley- perhaps SHE has a twin?


I feel for you all that have been treated that way! There's no excuse!

I will add this though, if working for insurance, any company, that is known for trying everything they can to keep from helping the people who pay them, you can't expect them to treat employees differently.

Best place for Insurance companies & lawyers... bottom of the sea!

Hope you al find better jobs!


I was fired twice by different agents for getting pregnant. And I know I am not alone.

State farm agents apparently are unable to cope with maternity leave. So they just replace you and let you go before.

Both times I had worked for 2 years without a single complaint...then magically after giving notice that I was pregnant I was let go. One said they just could not afford me anymore, and the other flat out said I was screwing her by getting pregnant.


State Farm agents are ruthless and heartless... they get you hired and then start harrassing you for lack of sales just so they can get rid of you before the end of the third month and becoming a permenant employee. This is wrong, unethical, and inhumane.


NerdingerSS, Brillant comment, did you think of all that on your own?


Thanks for your feedback.

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