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I had a food in my basement, I pay extra on my homeowners insurance since I have a second sump pump. State Farm sent me and Wells Fargo a check together and they won't let me cash it. My basement was furnished and now it is filled with mold, from the walls to the...
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Anonymous Sorry, but you don't offer near enough information to tell what happened!If you have mold in your basement it is because it was not dried out shortly after the flooding. It a...


Anonymous the reason they put wells fargo on there is so that you don't cash it and not get your basement fixed and use the money for something else. It is also a contractual agreement ...

If you get water damage and mold comes along.They act like they what to help you but the joke was on me. They looked at it for two min and said sorry can't cover you not of water came out at once. The guy sorry you are stuck with the $5000.00 bill. The pipe was in the...
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Anonymous A couple of things that I can tell you from this post. It appears that this insurance customer has an occurrence where there was a small drip or very small spray coming out of...

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