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For starters, my husband and I have been with State Farm for well over 20+ years. Out of the 20+ years we have ONLY filed a claim twice (one about 4.5 years ago and the latter recently) for damaged roof and the other for water leakage and MOLD from a busted pipe that we had no idea was busted due to it being "behind" a wall but between the sheet rock, wallpaper & paneling.

In other words, we NEVER would have known a pipe had busted (leakage was minimal over who knows how long) but over a period of time obliviously caused great damage between the wall and under the lanolin floor we had in the kitchen. This caused sections along side of the wall (where pipe leaked) to mold and the floor (wood) to rot. They sent out an adjustor (a piece of ***) by the name of JEFF whom kisses the *** of State Farm by finding anything that he can (that is not there) by reporting FALSE information in order to keep State Farm from paying out OUR MONEY that WE paid in. Oh yeah and for him and his lil *** buddies to receive bonus on the customer's behalf if they can block/stop State Farm from paying a claim!!

Yes, we got blackballed!! That so-called adjustor JEFF... Bald-headed short ugly piece of dog *** had the nerve to deny our claim due to a "faulty roof"! ***!

There was/is absolutely NOTHING wrong with our roof as he said. He also LIED and said he would get back in touch with us before the week was out. Well, we are still waiting. I called and called come to find out ***-Kissing Jeff turned over our claim to another agent (after dodging phone calls for days).

And if that alone was not enough, come to find out our local agent...Kelly (another piece of dog *** *** kisser) DID NOT inform us that our deductible had increase from $2000 to a whooping $5000 a year ago!! Now talk about CROOKS? That would be State Farm Insurance Company!!! I absolutely hate them MF's!!!

I hope they rot in ***!!


To repair our floor cost us Fk'n $3000 to repair and all the walls in the kitchen (in the area that was damaged) was an additional $1100...totaling $4100 out of pocket repairs!! WTF do we need insurance for when you can't use it!!

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I adjusted claims for SF for over 37 years. What you have described simply is not a covered loss. If you wish to have an insurance policy which covers everything regardless of cause and origin, be prepared to pay the piper.



You have been with SF for 20 years so that would seem to indicate you are much older than the language in your post seems to suggest. It is easy to lash out at someone else when the fault lies with you.

You should READ YOUR POLICY and in particular the EXCLUSIONS to know what is not covered then you can practice loss prevention on your own. Life has risks and you CANNOT transfer all the risks in life to someone else even if you were willing to pay someone to take the risk from you.


Just an FYI, insurance is a legal contract. Read it.

When you get your policy in the mail, as you do every single year, read it. Your agent's responsibility was fulfilled when the changes to your policy were sent to you IN WRITING... BEFORE you chose to renew. They are there if you have any questions.

Call them. I hope you don't think ANY insurance company covers leakage and seepage. NONE do. That's something that occurs over time and insurance is there to cover you for SUDDEN and ACCIDENTAL COVERED LOSSES.

Your loss is specifically excluded, in writing, in your contract. Again, read the forms you are sent.

You agreed to the new contract when you paid your premium to renew with the company. Also, no one will care to speak to you if you attack them as it sounds as though you did.


Perhaps you got on everyone's bad side due to your language and attitude?? Just a thought.

I am surprised you didn't read your home insurance policy and/or the yearly invoice which would have told you how much your deductible(s) are.

You snooze, you lose.

At this point, you can always appeal the denial and once you go thru the insurance company's process, you can either go to small claims court or hire an attorney. However, watch your language if you go to court.

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