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Recently an individual with State Farm Insurance opened their car door and put a dent in the fender of my brand new Honda Accord. I waited for the person to come out of the store and I got her name and insurance information. I had one of your representatives look come to my home and look at my car. Their ruling was that there wasn't any evidence on her vehicle to show that she was responsible. Since it was the edge of her van door finding "evidence" left by my car would have been nearly impossible to find with the naked eye. I feel that this is just State Farm's way of getting out of paying for a legitimate claim. I'm now stuck with a $700 bill to repair a car that just left the showroom floor and had less than 700 miles on it. I had called the police when it happened but since it occurred on private property they didn't make a report. I will never consider becoming a State Farm customer and will recommend that everyone I know avoid them as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I, too, am the victim of a state farm insured. I was on a main street in traffic, and he came from between cars in the opposite bound lane from a sidestreet, hitting my car on the rear back drivers door (I have a four-door).

He left a 4" deep dent on my back door and quarterpanel, while his front bumper was pushed in. It was clearly a T-bone accident.

But, he told his state farm insurance that we were in the same lane and that I sideswiped him. After over a week of trying to get answers about when state farm was going to pay my claim, I was told that my car needed to be totaled out, after speaking with 8 different representatives. An hour and a half later, someone else from state farm called me to say that they found me 100% liable based on the word of thier insured.

I think the state farm reps must be overworked, or blind, because the pictures tell a thousand words contrary to that lying bstrds words. My insurance company has pictures also and had found me 100% NOT liable a week ago. I am very distraught mentally over this.

My car will cost $3200 to fix, and according to state farm, that is also the value of my car. SOMEBODY IS GOING TO PAY.


If there was no evidence on their vehicle, how can anyone say that it was their car that caused the damage to your vehicle? Also, if it is so hard for you to recover the $700, why didn't you go through your insurance? So you're complaining about the fact that State Farm didn't want to pay for something that can not be proven that their insured had caused.

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