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I need to talk with a representative from State Farm over a discrepancy in payment and they keep passing the buck they didn't take December's payment out of my bank account and so now they want me to make a double payment because they made a mistake and I am willing to make January's payment in February plus more until I'm caught up but the lady I spoke to says that State Farm doesn't do this and they are definitely going to cancel my insurance so I advised her if I don't get help with this in solving this problem I am going to get legal representation to work with me so you could imagine my frustration and solving something that is very solvable can you please contact me at 631-714-5579 thank you

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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In insurance world, you cannot skip payments and keep your policy in force. Money constitutes a contract.

Only money can keep your policy in force.

When you pay for 31 days of coverage, that's all you get. Period. You know the money was due.

Even if the company failed to pull the money from your account on the due date, for whatever reason, the money was still your responsibility to pay. Since they didn't pull the money, what's the problem? It was there to be pulled, right? What did you do with it?

Pay the money. You now owe another month. Pay it.

If you think an attorney is going to take on a case of you failing to pay your premiums, you're sadly mistaken. Pay your bills.

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