This is the worst insurance agent ever to live. He and his daughter Jennifer are just liers and theives.

Never deal with them, ever! They provide the worse service ever and just are plain crooks in the insurance business. They wish nothing but harm to others and go out of there way to cause harm to others in this business.

Please never use these people for insurance services unless you want to be lied to and ripped off. Take a personal statement from someone who knows and has dealt with them, they are out to take advantage of you in the worse ways.

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I know this agent and his 2 daughters. Neither one is named Jennifer. Hmmm...


I had a accident in Oct of 2011 and in Sept they had already sent my account to collections. I agreed to pay them and still get nasty notices from Credit Collection Services .

QWhen I went to make a payment on their site I was charged $10.00 for making it. They said it states on their site but i dont see it do you? www.customerservicealert.com you figure they would be pleasant to someone who is doing what they should.

But I am being threatened to lose my license & ruin my credit. I have learned alot about State Farm and if this is how they treat people who are paying heaven help those that have a problem.

Maldonado, Maldonado, Uruguay #312544

A personal attack on an agent and his daughter, yet no specific complaints are enumerated. Why should we take the "personal statement" of someone who doesn't even have the wherewithal to use proper grammar and spelling?


These types of generalities are of no use, and thus not to be believed. How about something specific?

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