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In March and April 2012 State Farm suspected Canopy Construction of insurance fraud. SF said that the AZ division of the company was manufacturing hail damage on roofs to get the business.

An internal investigation did indeed reveal that 1 of the suspected employees was creating damage. The other suspected employees were cleared of any wrong doing.

State Farm has pursued the fraud charge and to protect the owners and the company all AZ employees were terminated whether they were found guilty or not. They then suspended all operations in AZ and have left the state leaving all past costumers without any warranty support team.

This in my opinion is ethically and morally wrong.

It would certainly make me question doing business with them.

On a side note, if you do happen to have one of their reps knock on your door, have them take a look and if they do find damage, DON'T sign their agreement as it binds them to you. Call your insurance on your own and get them to verify the damage and if they agree then you can choose any contractor you wish.

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Canopy Construction is a national storm restoation contractor licensed in 22 states, and A-rated with the BBB. Canopy always has, and always will honor their customer warranties.

They are able to respond to any warranty service request with 24hrs anywhere in the country. Canopy Construction takes allegations of unethical business practices by its employees very seriously, and has acted swiftly,and decisively to resolve this matter.

Canopy has not left the state of Arizona, and has no intention of leaving customers with no warranty support.

The author of this aricle is obviously someone who has been effected by Canopy's enforcement of their zero tolerance policy in regard to unethical business paratices, and clearly intended to harm the company's reputation. Expect to see a retraction soon.

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