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I read somewhere on the site where people who were injured in 1990's how difficult State Farm was not wanting to keep the word of a contract they make with their clients. Well, here I am.

I was injured in a car accident when something mechanical went wrong with a 1990 Lincoln Continental, the accident happen when my husband and I was on our way to work and he was making a left hand turn and the car ended up jumping the curb and hit a tree. I was found to have two injuries, a medium herinated disc in my C5-C6 area and a smaller disc in the LS I believe is correct area in which they paid my doctors but not before our representative Gwen put us through ***. We paid I believe $2,500 a year which covered everything. The harassment from Gwen I then had to speak with her supervisor Yvonne Solomon because she was not cutting our checks.

I went through several representatives from ***, Jennifer andher supervisor was Rick Langford. My husband I had to fight tooth and nail. After the meeting with this rep and her supervisor he told her to stop harassing me and to pay. He also said because of my injuries I sustained in the accident that State Farm was liable for my bills and anything I needed as long as it was pertaining to my neck and back area FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

It was suppose to be healed two years after my surgery and they had me go to a Orthopedic doctor which was illegal. They are suppose to send you to same type of doctor was treating you and so the Orthopedic doctor meant nothing but the Neurologist tested me and I had on-set nerve damage. After I saw them I received my Social Security stating I was disabled from this accident and when I received the letter signed by Valeria Solomon she denied my claim of the neck injury but I was still being treated for my low back, I was hit a total of seven times and when I saw the second judge looked at all of medical information including the one from State Farm, he stated that each time I was hit it aggervated my injuries and that I was so erroded that there was nothing I could do. I never returned to work anywhere and has been seeing doctors every single month for managing my medication iincluding steriod injections from the upper part of my neck to my lower back.

When my insurance ask me certain questions I can't tell them or I will be put in the middle of the fraud situation and unable to get taken care of. My statement is if you can't afford to pay on claims without screwing people over then you are in the wrong business, you are putting peoples lives in danger, so State Farm owes me a lot of money and if BCBS demand their money they may end up in bankrupcy and that is the reason after every accident I go to them to reopen my case which Rick Langford told me to do they never respond. It looks like I am one of the unfortunate one's that will have to take them to court because I am not getting any younger.

State Farm has the most horrible customer support/reps/supervisors ever and they don't honor their contracts. I would suggest anyone thinking of doing business with them then I suggest you run and not walk because they are a bunch of liars and FRAUD!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Lying, Cheating and Fraud, Huge Bad Faith Insurance Company.

Preferred solution: Refund all on my money $2,000,000.00 since you won't allow enough room to put a low amount I am making it clear here and provide with things I need to try and live a comfortible life. Stand up and be accountable. I am unable to put in thx what I feel.

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