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What ever happened to State Farm?... once upon a time they were a good and reputable company, now its all about the Benjamins.

Recently, my step daughter was hit from behind by a driver that was pulling into a gas station at a high rate of speed and probably not paying attention. My stepdaughter was slowly backing up at the time (as she is a safe driver... no accidents, no tickets, after logging 10,000 plus miles). She was backing up after seeing that it was all clear, but she did not see the rapidly approaching vehicle that was turning into the lot at a high rate of speed.

She heard a beep from the back-up camera's warning device and quickly stepped on the brake to stop (she was moving at approximately 2 miles per hour, backing away from a gas pump). The car that hit her was going somewhere between 15 and 20MPH or possibly more. There was damage to the back bumper of her van... minimal, but visible.

Approx. $900 worth of damage. The women who hit my stepdaughter's van apologized profusely... and said she was "sorry for hitting her"...

and that she had insurance that would pay for the damages. She handed over her insurance card (also State Farm) to exchange information and then left the scene, and once again apologizing for the hitting her... and said that she had to go. My step-daughter called our insurance agent immediately from the site of the fender bender...

to start a claim and report the incident. She also called my wife and I... and we were all on the line with her and our agent, as my stepdaughter gave a detailed statement about what had happened). It was a multi-way conversation and the agent said that it would be handled quickly and professionally.

Then a State Farm agent called her later that day at the house to review her statement about what happened and take it for a second time. My wife and I are both witnesses to that phone call. My stepdaughter told the agent that she was very slowly backing up, 2 MPH.. with her foot on the brake...heard a beep, came to a quick stop and was hit from behind by car that came in at a high rate of speed.

I thought it would be a quick resolution, but it was not. After weeks and numerous calls to various claim agents to find out about the status of the claim, State Farm agents claimed that my step daughter never gave a statement. They also said that she was at fault. But how could they determine fault if they claim she never gave a statement?

So she had to call again and make a statement for a third time... and then, with another agent, for a fourth time over the phone. State Farm insisted that the liability of the accident was with my step-daughter as she was backing up; and insisted that I pay the $500 deductible as the van is insured under my name. I asked that they review the case given that she said she stopped and was hit from behind...

and that the vehicle entering the gas station parking lot came in at a high rate of speed. The State Farm agent said they would look into it once my stepdaughter gave a statement about what happened for the record. Note that I am furious at this point as she had already given four statements to the claim agents. Weeks later, they had to interview her yet again (this time making a recording of her statement, as they said there was no record of a statement ever being given).

then they informed me that her statement had not changed... This was odd, as they claimed that they had no prior statements. So, here we were, going on 7 weeks, and five statements given to agents... and still no definitive resolution.

My stepdaughter had to call one more time and give yet another statement to a claim agent higher up in the corporate food chain... some sort of "team leader". In the end, State Farm insisted that the fault lie with the person backing up... even if they came to a stop, and even if they were hit from behind.

That's Ridiculous! Shoddy and incomplete accident scene investigation is very common with State Farm from what I am told, and this was a convenient excuse for them not to pay the entire bill to fix the van (which is in perfect shape, save for the damage from the accident), and an excuse for them to raise their rates.. which they did. Look, it's not about the money.

I had been with State Farm for a long time (with three vehicles insured and a homeowners policy)-- a loyal customer for 35 plus years. I've paid in approximately a quarter of a million dollars in insurance premiums over that time, and had very few claims... peanuts... and paid my deductible without ever complaining.

Given that my stepdaughter is relatively young and now had an accident, our insurance premium on the van just doubled... and all after being a safe driver and having someone hit her from behind. The company loves to raise rates in this way, its a scam. So many people warned me about State Farm over the years, and I didn't listen.

Now that my step-daughter has an accident on her record, even though someone hit her from the back, and now my insurance rates will be affected. I would have accepted a no-fault find here... but they would not even consider that. They made the decision based on what's best for them...

what will earn them the most in terms of revenues based on rates and whatnot. Their Claim Agent Team Leaders are all about making the company more money... doing what;'s best for them. It's really unfair, especially for someone who worked so diligently at being a safe driver...

completing driver education and the State Farm safe driver program for young drivers with flying colors. In my opinion, State Farm Insurance is all about the money... but they will no longer get any of mine... and my step-daughter will never forget the outcome of this claim.

I have switched companies and encourage others to do so. Stay Away From State Farm! Buyer beware! Rates are much better elsewhere anyway.

Try Geico, All State, Progressive or Farmers for quotes... they are all way better companies from what people tell me... and from what I've read. Should have looked into switching companies long ago, would have saved a bundle.

State Farm's services are way too expensive, and their supposed multi-car discounts are a joke. So many people have told me about their dealings with State Farm, and that they are a corporation that is money driven and dollar-sign oriented. They seem to care more about maximizing their revenues and profits than about people. My step-daughter and I feel that we were treated unfairly.

To top it off, when I cancelled my auto policies with them, the secretary was rude and sarcastic. The more I read about their company, the more I find negative comments about the way they do business, and the way they treat people. Their claims department was horrible and the experience of dealing with them was very negative. This thing dragged on for almost two months.

I'm writing this, so others can be aware of their priorities. Who's got your back when it comes to Auto Insurance?

Not State Farm... that's for sure.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Incompetence and Company Greed.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Expose the company for what they are, and have them lose revenue as customers bail and as new customers go elsewhere for their Auto Insurance needs..

I didn't like: Way their service agents and claims people treated me.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Nov 21, 2017.
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They just did the same to me. I was turning left into a parking lot, and a state farm insured driver was waiting at a stop sign to exit the same lot and turn left as well.

As I turned into lot, the driver failed to yield to me (I had no stop sign or light whatsoever ) and struck the side of my rear bumper.

The driver completley lied (surprise) and claimed he was well past the stop sign, waiting to turn left, and i got too close to him. A complete lie. He accelerated at the same time I did, striking me.

As a way to snake their way out of full responsibility (which clearly appears to be their standard practice nowadays ), they cited a state traffic statute about left turns that applies to oncoming traffic, not lateral traffic stopped at a stop sign. They agreed to pay 80% of my damages, that's it. Infuriating. I had the right of way, the other driver was at a stop sign.

He struck me. The damage marks on both cars tell the obvious story

They are no better than a deadbeat dad who finds any excuse not to make child support payments.

Crooks. Liars.

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