I started out with State Farm with my first car and renter's insurance years ago. They loved me and I loved them.

When I became a home and second car owner there was no doubt that State Farm would insure them. After being in my home for four years, I was burgarlized. I couldn't do much at the time because I was in the hospital suffering from a rejection of a liver I received several years ago. I contacted State Farm and they sent someone to my home to board up my home.

My neighbors were appalled. My home looked like it had been abandoned for twenty years! I was told my the company that was the best they could do. However, that's not my REAL complaint.

I returned home approximately 21 days later and immediately began the paperwork for my claim. State Farm treated me like a common criminal. Before my claim could be settled I had to be interviewed by a special investigator who came to my home and interrogated me for hours, they took pictures of every room in my house (including closets), I had to give them names and numbers of people who could verify I owned certain items that were stolen (and they called them); providing reciepts were not good enough in my case, they contacted the stores to verify my purchases; and I also had to wait until the police detective assigned to my case came back from vacation so he could be interviewed. I was burgarlized in September, I began processing my claim in early October, State Farm payed me hugely depreciated amounts for my stolen items on December 30.

This was a terrible experience! And to add insult to injury, the same agent who claimed to be praying for me during my hospital stay, no longer knows who I am when I call. She asks me tons of identification questions before helping me.

I'm just buying my time to clear my record (due to this break-in) so that I can switch insurance companies. I am switching to a new agent who can remember their clients.

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