State Farm is NOT a good neighbor. They were not there for me and my family.

After being with State Farm for over 30 years and spending over $150,000.00 on house, 3 cars & umbrella insurance State Farm screwed me & my family.

After I expressed my concerns with the Collision Shop and State Farm that my 2009 Toyota Corolla should be totaled. They repaired my vehicle $134.00 short of totaling it. Now I have a car that has no value. I can't sell it or trade it in.

This is how State Farm treats a loyal customer after 30 years and spending $150,000.00. Everyone needs to know what State Farm has done to me and my family.

Please DO NOT use State Farm for your personal or business insurance needs. What they have done to us...they can easily do to you.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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Tucker, Georgia, United States #708376

Damages to the vehicle must meet a mandated percentage of your vehicle's value in order for it to be deemed a total loss. State Farm paid for your vehicle to be fixed. They did what they are supposed to do.

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada #700973

I few yrs ago I was hit by another car they said they would help me I have young children had a great job now I'm a stay at home mom thank goodness I have help from friends and family my whole life is changed can't do what I use to do. iv been with statfarm since I was17never claimed anything before I had to get stuff to help me around the house in/out bed, tub etc


The damages to a vehicle must exceed the percentage of repairs over value in order to qualify for a total. No insurance company bases their requirement of meeting the percentage on what the customer would LIKE them to do. Insurance companies are regulated by the Department of Insurance in their state. They must answer to them.

Think about it, if they just totaled cars at the customers request, there would be no solid degree of fairness across the board. Why should your vehicle be any different from any other customers percentage of repair cost to value of vehicle?

Adding up how much you have paid to an insurance company is of absolutely no value in your argument. Regardless if you had been insured one day and paid one month, your claim would not and COULD NOT be treated any differently than a 50 year policyholder who's paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's just how insurance works. It's not based on loyalty and all customers are treated equally and fairly.

Your policy starts over renewal to renewal. The amount of money you have paid goes into a pot of money and the money is divided between all claimants during a claim in that given renewal cycle. With your philosophy, those who have paid less, should be entitled to a less fair settlement. It just doesn't work that way. You paid for protection, you got it, based on the contract for that particular cycle. The next cycle, by paying your premium again, you agreed to the new contract.

It sounds to me as if your insurance company did their job exactly as they should have. Your argument should be with the Insurance Commissioner in your state for dictating the percentage rates requiring a total loss.

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