well like a good neighbor state farm well f u as soon as you turn your back. check this *** out.

me and the wife have been wondering why our insurance keeps going up for no reason.

involved in a couple of no fault accidents from Moran running into the back of us. but here's the thing come to find out like 3 years ago we had a little damage on the back bumper from some old lady hit and run in the mall parking lot, no big deal well fix it one day our deductible is $500 a year later same thing happens again only at the grocery store. dam these old folks need there license taken away.

so we call state farm ,hey what should we do, oh take to the dealer, so we do just to be told that because of the previous bumper dent they will have to charge us 2 $500 dollar deductibles, geez area u serious, you know what forget it we will survive thanks for knowing, .

come to find out they mark down every time you call and say hey Ive got a little dent here whats my deductible as a claim, then that get recorded as a no fault accident so know we have 2 more accidents on our record and we never fixed anything hence common sense file a claim, duh. we would try to get a different co only to be told that since u have all these no fault accidents our company does not want to insurer you, state farm is evil and i will tell everyone that everyone i can what a bunch of sick aholes.

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So to clarify, you have two separate accidents and want them covered under one deductible? Last I checked, the deductible applies per each loss. Instead of spewing all this hate towards a company that did nothing wrong in this instance, why don't you read the policy that you signed up for.


So, I am really concerned over the last comment. This gentlemen had a complaint over a company because he has been taken advantage of, in accordance to his story.

However, due to his spelling and grammatical errors you are so quick to dismiss it. Then on top of that you make fun of him and call him "retarded." Excuse me innocent bystander but you are way out of line and have no right at all! On top of that, your post should have been deleted by website because of the personal attack you have placed. I think that it is uncalled for that you react this way.

That shows your true colors and the person you are. Not everyone in this world or for the most part our nation does not receive the same opportunities that you may have received.

Very nice of you and keep up the good work.

It is unfortunate that this has happened to this policy holder. And in fact you can get that removed from State Farm's record to reflect the actual cause of damages, so that you can seek other places to receive insurance from a carrier that you feel represents you and not the company.


By the complexity of your grammatical errors, I would say you are partially brain damaged or retarded.

Being that you are of a child-like mentality,I find it very amazing that you have made it this far in life. I seriously hope you haven't had any children.

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