I recently obtained SF ins. due to moving to another state.

I was rear-ended by one of their insured so this is claim #1 to get my car fixed plus my daughter and I both were injured. Claim #2 comes when I leave a piece of jewelry in a restroom at the Speedway gas station. Fortunately I had the piece insured and per their request at insure time I paid 350.00 for an appraisal, now they are wanting my financials, credit report, etc. Funny they didn't need these when they took my premium.

I've went as far as emailing the CEO Ed Rust Jr. and he delegated my complaint to a "so called" Executive Assistant who has did nothing but sided with the SF investigator who interrogated me, when it's as simple as I left the *** ring on the sink. They even had the nerve to request I get a note from my dentist to prove I was close to the gas station on this day (which I did) SF was a little cheaper than their competition, but from now on I'm a firm believer "you get what you pay for". When a class action suit opportunity comes up from all the customer's that are harassed by this group and trying to avoid paying claims....

COUNT ME IN !!!!!!

Pissed consumer has my permission to share my contact info with any interested party.

I will refrain from posting the CEO's e-mail address at this time, hoping someone with authority can read this and get this resolved for me. I just have sympathy all the other people who are getting "rear-ended" by SF what a clique huh???

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $7900.

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FF - it is evident that you don't own or have never purchased an expensive engagement ring. ($3500 is cheap for one of these) They are not covered by Homeowner policies, they are covered by a personal articles policy that if the item is lost or stolen it is supposed to be covered.

They charge you a premium on jewelry because it is so easy to lose.

I had lost my diamond out of mine, and the SF agent was the one who gave me the run around until I finally called another agent to get the number for an adjuster.

FF - you sound like a kid or an uneducated ***. You don't need to be so nasty, the person was not attacking you, though you for some reason you found it necessary to attack them.


3500 ring ey? just took it off at the gas station while u were washing your laundry?

They are in business to make money. If they just paid out by default then everyone would leave their 3500 rings at the local gas station while washing their hands.

Only idiots insure the *** they wear and their big screen tv. Sucker! They shouldnt pay you jack cuz u were *** enough to fall for the "insure your purse scam" Its a bullcrap policy and smart people know it! Insure your house not your TV and rings. You got jewels, gold, precious ***? buy a real majestic safe or take it to a safe at your favorite bank.

Again... You're a sucker or a ***. Either way it is bad.

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