I am so angry at the State Farm insurance not good customer service their policy doesn't benefit the customer, i went september as new customer the september and the state farm agent she did my policy so fast because suppose she was in a hurry and she made a lot of mistakes and I tell her if you are in a hurry let someone else handle my insurance and sheiks like no is fine everything is ok. I bought another car and add it to my policy and they say it was going to be $130 for both vehicles know they are saying that it will be like $230. I will rather go with ALL STATE BETTER PRICE:)

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We have had similar issues with State Farm, so much so that we are starting a campaign to file Class Action against them ...

please connect with us at "StateFarmClassAction2013@gmail.com"



I don't know what your problem is, but I have had State Farm insurance since 1964 and the rates have only been raised a few times, not even yearly. The reason as they explain it is because what they do is total all the claims in a certain area, and if there are too many claims paid out they raise the rates for everybody, but not as much for the people that have had claims paid.


I dropped Geico and went to State Farm because they quoted a much lower rate for my car insurance. It has been a 4 months now, and every month my bill is more.

When I ask why they come up with some lame excuse about an underwriter.

It seems they suck you in with a low rate, then slowly raise your rate monthly. Thinking about going back to Geico.

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