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After more than 20 years of combined home and auto policies (at any given time, between 2-4 policies) with zero claims and zero moving violations, I swiped the side of my car on an object as I was backing out of my garage. No accident involving another vehicle. No violations. I just didn't see something sticking out too far as I backed out of the garage. The total cost of the repair is less than $2000.00. After those many years of taking my premiums, State Farm is raising my rates because of the One claim.

Furthermore, despite our vehicles aging 11 and 6 years, our rates Never go down.

Adding insult to injury, we are charged an added fee of $3.00 per vehicle for each payment. The premiums are not enough. We get to pay extra for the privilege of paying them.

Insurance companies are like the Mob. We pay for protection but if we ask them for anything, they will break our knees. In the meantime, they continue making profits in the billions despite natural disasters like Katrina, terrorist attacks like 9/11, and the economic downturn. The entire industry continued and continues making record profits through it all. And profit isn't enough. They want More and More profit, and they get it by cheating consumers.

It isn't only health insurance companies in need of reform, people. Without regulation reform, when one company successfully rips us off, all the others follow suit. When they all engage in the same practices without negative consequences, there can be no competition so there is nowhere for us to turn for a fair deal.

For 15 years the insurance and credit card/banking industries have been playing this exact game, shamelessly increasing unethical practices to the detriment of all of us. Finally, the finance industry crashed the world economy so it is facing reforms (even as it rapaciously makes every effort to get it around them), but the property and auto insurance industry continues on unrestrained.

Everyone should start writing and hounding our legislators until they do something about this industry too!

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The fact is that they need to change the way it works! Increase premiums, but when it is time to pay a claim deny or raise rates to cover the claim.

:( There is no excuse for these type of business practices. If insurance fraud is such a detriment, then you as an insurance company have the resources to pursue its prosecution as opposed to breaking the backs of the working class by increasing rates. Burn in *** as a matter of fact.

The only reason that you dishonor customers is because it is the law for us to have health insurance. I wish there was some type of universal auto care that would increase competition for you and put you out of business.


Regardless of the age of your vehicles, the price to repair them never goes down. The cost to pay the other party that you may injure or cause damage to their property never goes down. The cost of rental cars never goes down. The one little section of coverage you carry that takes care of replacing your vehicle does go down as the vehicle ages. Please look at your policy and read the coverages. It's not all one coverage for the same thing. Separate coverages cost separate amounts.

The price increase you're experiencing is the fact you had an at fault accident regardless if another car was involved or not. As a result, you lost your accident free discount. That's not a rate increase, that a loss of a discount.

As for the $3.00 charge...if you would look at your bill you will see that charge is there because you choose to break your full 6 month premium up into monthly or quarterly payments rather than paying the entire bill. That's your choice and you choose to pay the extra for the privledge of making smaller payments.

To add a little more info to your observation of insurance companies and regulation, insurance is one of the MOST regulated industries in the world. You're just not informed or educated as to how it actually works.

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