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A few months ago, my daughter was in an automobile accident when she arrived to school one morning. She was hit by another student and was not at fault.

Allstate, the other student's insurance company, gave us the run around and would not return our phone calls to complete the claim process.

At the suggestion of State Farm, we paid the $500.00 deductible out of our own pockets to get our SUV fixed. State Farm paid the $171.00 over and above our deductible.

State Farm and Allstate have taken the matter to Arbitration to hash out who will pay the claim.

In the meantime, after being with State Farm Insurance the majority of my adult life and my current agent for 14 years, State Farm raised our auto insurancce premiums.

My agent's office contacted State Farm's regional office and was given (in her words) no "real concrete" explanation as to why our rates went up. She agreed with me that it is because of the accident my daughter was in. We've always paid our premiums on time and have had no claims. Should they win the arbitration against Allstate, they will recoup their wopping $171.00 they paid the auto repair company and they've raised our rates. It is a win win situatation for State Farm. Even if they do not win, the company is out $171.00 and we are out-of-pocket $500.00.

State Farm's actions are reprehensible and consumers should not be unfairly charged for no fault accidents that are out of their of their control.

This is the type of corporate greed that is running our country into the ground!

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New York, New York, United States #1280677

You filed a claim, of course your rates are going to go up! It is unfortunate, but that's how it goes.

Does not matter if you've been with State Farm for 14 years or 14 days, your rates are bound to go up each time you file a claim. Could possibly take the at fault driver to court to cover the costs you had to pay out of pocket.

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