In Oct. 07 a man hit my husband's vehicle with his vehicle.

We had to file the claim on our insurance because come to find out he didn't have insurance. We paid State Farm $500 to pursue this man to make him reimburse State Farm for the expenses to fix our truck. This week we received a letter from State Farm. "We are closing your file due to the responsible party is uninsured and has not responded to our collection efforts."

What kind of *** is that????

So, in Texas we can all stop carrying auto insurance and when we have a collision, we can just refuse to pay!!!!?????? AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outraged and still paying!!!!!

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File a Texas State Accident report. The Texas Drivers bureau will insist upon proof that the at fault party is trying to repay you and State Farm


You probably had a deductible - there is no way any insurance company would charge you to go after someone. They have a vested interest in collecting back the money (they paid to repair your vehicle, did they not?), so it wasn't for lack of effort on their part.

From what I understand of the subrogation process, if they determine the at-fault party is uninsured, a collections agency becomes involved (like an outside vendor).

State Farm itself wasn't the one trying to get it back. Your complaint is somewhat ignorant.


Is that really a complaint most likly works for State Farm. The whole idea on maditory insurance is absurd.

Lets see how cheap it would be if you got a policy to insure your property and mistakes. Then they would have to keep rates down and go after dead beats or fail.

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I don't see how this is a complaint of State Farm. They worked to get the person to respond.

They sent leters, made calls, etc. What else did you want? A house to house search? State Farm gets a 4th the complaints that the average insurance company gets here in Texas.

Check the TDI website if you don't believe me. Obviously, there is a reason.


It is the "norm" in this country now --- NO ACCOUNTABILITY. You don't even have to pay your mortgage and you can keep the house. The tax payers will foot the bill.

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