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After speaking with a claim rep by the name of Chris with the TN Claim Central Call Center, he states that his review of the case shows that there is not enough evidence for State Farm to accept liability for a collision where their client pulled out in front of my client and caused a collision at an intersection, therefore State Farm (Chris) states that they are refusing to pay for damages caused to my vehicle, since they can't determine who's fault it was and stated that I would be responsible for my own damages and getting the vehicle repaired on my own. Furthermore, in the police / accident report it clearly states that Vehicle #1 pulled out in front of Vehicle #2 at the intersection per the narrative that the police officer wrote.

The client, Linda Jones who was at fault at the accident had stated to both the driver of my vehicle (Tara Westbrook - Fiancee`) as well as to Firefights/EMTs & the Police Officer that she was at fault and that she would pay for the damages because she 'didn't see' my vehicle. Both vehicles were stopped at the red light, which my vehicle had the right of way, being the first vehicle stopped at the intersection. After attempting to proceed through the intersection, Linda Jones decided she wanted to proceed at the same time, causing the collision. My vehicle is in an unsafe condition to drive and because State Farm is refusing to accept liability and refusing to repair my vehicle, I am forced to drive an unsafe vehicle where I can't open the drivers door of the vehicle because of the damage.

The headlights of my vehicle are out of adjustment and shine directly on the road in front of the vehicle, making it difficult for night time driving which is required several days a week.

I do not have another vehicle to drive and this is my only transportation and it's currently unsafe. I need this to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!

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State Farm is notorious for not paying claims. I had a situation where I was rear ended by their driver at a stop light and they gave me the run around for 3 months before denying my claim.

I didn't have collision coverage due to the age of my car and I couldn't find an attorney that would take the case. I found this company called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals that specializes in settling insurance claims. They have a way to force to insurance companies to pay for claims without going to court. I am not trying to push this company, I just want people to know that there are options to getting attorneys involved.

Don't let State Farm unfairly deny what they owe you. Stand up for yourself and demand justice.


File the claim under your insurance and pay you're deductible. If the other party is found negligent, you're insurance company will go after them and reclaim all their money, including you're deductible.


You should file a claim through your own insurance company. They will subrogate the damages from SF if they find that the other driver was at fault.

You are CHOOSING to drive an unsafe vehicle by not looking into other avenues to get your vehicle repaired.

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