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On Saturday, November 24th I was hit from behind by a State Farm policy holder. Jamie Adkinson is the claims representative for State Farm.

After not hearing from State Farm for14 days, I called Jamie Adkinson, he could not help in anyway. He said he ordered the police report from the Rockledge PD on November 28th--this accident was handled by the Florida Highway Patrol!!! I called back to talk to Jamie about this and he did not answer. I was transferred to Bill who said the police report was ordered on Novemer 29th from the FHP.

If these two (who sit next to each as verified by Bill) can't (a) identify the correct PD to request the police report and (b) read the date the report was ordered---how will my claim EVER be handled in a professional manner? The SF driver was clearly at fault, this is a nightmare. While I can't complain to Jamie's supervisor, since Bill doesn't know his supervisor's telephone number . .

. we can I do?

NOTHING. I have to wait 30 days from the accident before I can file a complaint with the insurance corporation.

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Milledgeville, Georgia, United States #579441

First: You're not State Farm's customer. They don't have any obligation to contact you what-so-ever. This is an important fact you need to understand.

Second: There was absolutely no reason to wait 14 days before YOU CALLED THEM. You could have called day 1, day 2, day 3 and so on.

Third: Why didn't you retreive the police report and fax it, mail it, drop it by the agent's office or do anything to speed up the process.

Fourth: Call YOUR insurance company and make the claim on your vehicle. That's what you pay them for. If you carry the proper coverages, they will take care of everything and subrogate against the at-fault party. Their obligation is to you. That's who you have your contract with. If you chose not to purchase collision coverage on your vehicle, well, you're out of luck and must handle this on your own or with an attorney who will take approximately 40% as their cut.

Fifth: The police report is just one piece of the puzzle. In the end, every insurance company makes their own conclusion. Their customer could easily deny fault or change their story. Unless the officer who wrote the report was an eye witness to the event, it's your word against theirs. That's how every insurance company looks at it.

Good luck. I've got two decades in the business. My advice is to immediately call your company.

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