I bought a 2008 Ford Taurus in Feb 2010. It had 75000 mi on the odometer.

I only put 5600 mi on the car in 16 months and State Farm raised my rates saying I drove my car more than 7500 mi a year. I live on a fixed income and am a widow. They said I need to pay the new premium of $94.00 and then they'll give me credit on my next bill. Why not just give me my current rate?

The office staff was rude to me when I went in there in person and explained I didn't drive 7500 mi. Ripoff!

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Just provide a copy of your oil change receipt which lists the miles. Surely this is a mistake that can be corrected. You need to save money now and the co will give the proper discount or refund


sf did the same thing to us and when we complained, agent henry wahl in orlando florida sent us a letter saying we were "fired" from his agency -- go find another agent. claimed i used "constant profanity" with 3 of his staff when i only talked to one person and only said i was tired of sf's *** and why the *** did they raise our rate when we held up our agreement not to drive more than 7500 miles.

henry wahl in orlando florida is an ***.

we will be filing a complaint with better business and with the state of florida insurance commission.

stay away from state farm and henry wahl. we took our car and home insurance to another company and will never do business with state farm again due to the lies and defamation of character by henry wahl of orlando, florida.

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