Daughter is hit by State Farm insured who crossed the lane in front of her. Speed about 5 mph--daughter driving a Honda Accord, State Farm insured driving an Econoline van.

No damage to van, slight damage to Accord. State Farm insured leaves the scene before police arrive because there is no damage and she is in a hurry. Calls daughter months later asking for $1800 cash. Claims her back window is shattered, her bumper has to be replaced and she has a bad ankle.

Daughter advises to file an insurance claim. Result: State Farm mysteriously lost the photos they took of the Accord with little damage, and we had to pay State Farm $14,000 for medical payments and vehicle damage. Abitrator sided with State Farm who say my daughter smashed into her car going 35 mph, though we did have a witness. Unfortunately, we couldn't fight their high powered attorneys.

Had to pay $200 a month until paid off. Note to self: If you are hit by a State Farm insured, take your own photos and have the police there!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

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