i upgraded my business insurance because i expanded and hired 4 new employees. I met with my agent and expressed to her that I wanted the best coverage for all my employees no matter what happend that money was no object.

She wrote me a new policy for more money. Two months later one of the new employees stole a clients car and I called on my agent. She said "Oh you have to call claims dept in Illinois now, I cant do anything for you!"The claims dept denied the claim because they said I had "EMPLOYEE EXCLUSION"!!!! I HAD A POLICY THAT WAS WORTHLESS!!!!

The main reason i wanted more insurance was becasue of my 4 new employees and they werent even covered???? YOU SUCK STATE FARM!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

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Im sorry to hear of your loss, however, you can't put all the blame on your insurance co. When you purchase an insurance policy you must ask questions of what is covered under the policy and what is not. You cannot place all the responsibility on the agent that is selling you the policy because YOU know the specifics of your business and what you need covered. Also when the policies get issued a policy booklet is also mailed to you that explains what is covered and what is not under the policy you just purchased, its up to the YOU to read the Policy pages and find out so that you may be informed and avoid any future surprises :(

Be informed, that is what the agents are for to help you understand your coverages and your policy so that you may make informed and educated decisions on what type of coverages you want and which ones to remove...

Take Care


I too am doing battle with State Farm regarding a commercial property claim. You may want to contact Ed Rust, President of State Farm, and file a Presidential Complaint.


Your employee stole a customer's car? I doubt you said money wasn't an object if you don't pay for background checks or pay enough to get employees who aren't criminals.

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