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I was with AAA auto insurance and got several calls from a local State Farm office guaranteeing me a lower rate by $40-$50 per month. So I moved my cars one of them a classic car.

For one month I got the low rate and then the rate shot up almost triple. The reason was they were still waiting for the classic rate. I then sought to go back to AAA only to find that that rate would be more due to something called longevity. In other words, you have to have a policy for a year to be in good standing.

Me moving back to AAA and only one month at State Farm damaged my record. Its close to a fraudulent practice when you are solicited, promised in a quote lower rates and then blame the underwriters for hiking it up. I am damaged in the process and have to split my cars up and get rated by two companies as I slowly go back to AAA.

Of course the explanation was for me to pay it all now and get a credit later. I think the Agent should pay the difference, after all he started the whole chain of events.

Once you establish a quote for insurance and especially when you entice a customer away from another company which has its own consequences, its not ethical to raise the rates especially for a classification change in this case "Classic car", we hardly drive the car , it is not an everyday driver. This is theft, not ethical and fraudulent.I am told one service center serves several states and that is why the time delay.

Poor business practices, Don't go to State Farm for auto insurance. I hope they are investigated by the State of Missouri.

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You are waaaay off with this one. The classic/antique rate must be approved by the underwriting department.

The agent gave you a quote. The application went to the underwriting department and they are analyzing it. Clearly, once there, the underwriters applied the rate for a regular vehicle rather than the antique/classic rate. They're probably awaiting the photos of the interior/engine and all sides of the vehicle along with the forms that are required to be analyzed for the antique/classic rate to be applied.

Once applied, the proper rate will be applied RETROACTIVELY and you'll be completely paid up. You'll get any credit due. The agent did their job. They gave you the proper quote AND REMEMBER THIS, A QUOTE IS AN ESTIMATE (READ THE BOTTOM OF THE QUOTE WHERE THE DISCLAIMER IS LOCATED) IT'S NOT A GUARANTEE!

That fact holds true with ANY AND ALL insurance companies. The agent is telling you the truth. The underwriting departments in the different areas of the country are handling more applications than they can handle in a short period of time. They are behind.

The agent can't/won't/shouldn't pay anything for you. First, that's illegal. The term for that is rebating and an agent will lose their license for doing that. Second, the agent isn't responsible for your rates.

The company sets your rates. They can and do change based on MULTIPLE reasons that the agent has ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER. Next, you weren't penalized by AAA, you chose to leave. Therefore, you must start over when you come back.

Just remember this, with State Farm, if you choose to leave, they give you back your credits if you come back within the first 6 months (in most states). Just one of the MANY differences between State Farm and other companies. You're jumping the gun.

Be patient and listen to your agent. He/she knows what they're talking about.

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