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I had a Universal policy and whole life policy from state farm. When I found out that term was cheaper and I could get more coverage, I transferred from State Farm to a better company Primerica.

The savings portion of my policies from State Farm were kept by State Farm. $2000 bucks like I have money to throw away.

Thank you Primerica for showing me what crooks these other companies are!!!!!!!!!!!

Primerica also helped me with my daughters education and to put that money into a better place. Where I earn money on money, not just a glorified savings account.

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The bitterness of poor quality will long be remembered after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

Do not buy whole life insurance from State Farm. Do not buy any type of insurance from Primerica.

Do some actual research and choose companies that excel at different products. State Farm is a great property and casualty insurer...not a life insurer. Primerica isn't great at anything except marking. Look up Guardian or MassMutual for amazing life insurance products.

Oh, and glorified savings accounts are what people need these days. Why speculate in the market?

Do you not remember 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008??? United Sates of Amnesia


I agree with KD, you may have saved some money in the short term; but you lost time in the long term.

Try borrowing from your term...nope can't do that.

Try extending your term near the end, nope can't do that.

Universal and Whole life products are assets that you can draw upon. Term life is just renting insurance for a time being.

You got suckered.


KD, you messed up. fell in the trap of cheaper is always better, NOT.

Primerica rep used the standard "buy term and invest the difference" sales strategy, in your case an education savings account. They, of course always have a place to invest the difference. As I see your post was from 2008, I assume by now you are no longer with Primerica.

You should have stayed with the State Farm product and after a few years you would no longer have the surrender charge associated with all life insurance products. Call your State Farm agent, tell them you are sorry, and try to get back with them.

ann j
Brzeg, Opolskie, Poland #45796

KD how is state farm honest with me when they stole my savings???? Did you deal with primerica that didn't turn out so good? Sorry to hear that but I've been with them, and made money and saved is that wrong?

Palmeira, Parana, Brazil #45743

Ann, soory to say, you got snookered by the PrimeAmerica guy. State Farm was honest with you, The Primerica folks most likely were not. You do not know this today but you will discover the error you made in time.

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