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Scott Holdridge is a lying cheating ***. Horrible, HORRIBLE customer service.

File a claim and they take 4 days to get back to you. They're never in their office.. Their insurance never covers anything - even though the policy says they do... bunch of Fraudsters.

If you want overpriced Insurance - and the worst customer service ever - get a policy here. His office could care less.

Don't purchase insurance or use Scott Holdridge State Farm Insurance 1902 Arsenal St, St Louis, MO 63118. He's a lying ***, and won't be surprised when the State of Missouri comes for him - which they will - its called *** fraud you ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1318410

State Farm is trash as far as I am concerned. They are unfair and their adjusters have no heart.

I hope they are in our shoes and can feel and go through what we have gone through with their worthless services. They will understand that state farm SUCKS!!!

Norcross, Georgia, United States #1213811

State Farm is evil.

Truly evil.

Crothersville, Indiana, United States #1030028

I have a leaking roof and State Farm adjuster says it's not bad enough to do anything and it's not weather related. I am disabled and can't fix it myself or can i afford to pay somebody to fix it.

What am i supposed to do, let it leak and let my building rote down?

Which i was told is not covered either. It is weather related and i have been a State Farm customer for 25 years.


State Farm is sad and filled with woe

Edward Rust is no longer CEO

He had knowledge, but wasn’t in the know

The Board said it was time for him to go

All American Girl starred Margaret Cho

The Miami Heat coach is nicknamed Spo I hate to paddle but don’t like to row Edward Rust is no longer CEO The Board said it was time for him to go The word souffler is French for blow I love the rain but dislike the snow Ten tosses for a nickel or a penny a throw State Farm is sad and filled with woe Edward Rust is no longer CEO Bambi’s mom was a fawn who became a doe You can’t line up if you don’t get in a row My car isn’t running, “Give me a tow” He had knowledge but wasn’t in the know The Board said it was time for him to go Plant a seed and water it to make it grow Phases of the tide are ebb and flow If you head isn’t hairy you don’t have a fro You can buff your bald head to make it glow State Farm is sad and filled with woe Edward Rust is no longer CEO I like Mike Tyson more than Riddick Bowe A mug of coffee is a cup of joe Call me brother, don’t call me bro When I sing scat I sound like Al Jarreau State Farm is sad and filled with woe The Board said it was time for him to go A former Tigers pitcher was Lerrin LaGrow Ursula Andress was a Bond girl in Dr. No Brian Benben is married to Madeline Stowe Betsy Ross couldn’t knit but she sure could sew He had knowledge but wasn’t in the know Edward Rust is no longer CEO Grand Funk toured with David Allan Coe I said to Shoeless Joe, “Say it ain’t so” Brandon Lee died during the filming of The Crow In 1992 I didn’t vote for Ross Perot State Farm is sad and filled with woe The Board said it was time for him to go A hare is fast and a tortoise is slow The overhead compartment is for luggage to stow Beware from above but look out below I’m gaining momentum, I’ve got big mo He had knowledge but wasn’t in the know Edward Rust is no longer CEO I’ve travelled far but have miles to go My insurance company thinks I’m their ho I’m not their friend but I am their foe Robin Hood had arrows, a quiver and a bow State Farm has a lame duck CEO He had knowledge, but wasn’t in the know The Board said it was time for him to go State Farm is sad and filled with woe


Strange that Pissed Consumer only counts monetary losses, while

they should count destruction of a person's soul. My claim against

State Farm is the loss of my life as I knew it before my car accident; the resulting loss of my soul. Fraud is too minimal a word. Your expletives are accurate and should be included in your commentary, as well as mandatory for ALL comments against the

evil forces involved with this company.

to State Farm Victim #697404

Wow, "Victim", sounds as though you need a minister and/or a psychiatrist rather than an insurance company.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #696287

:x I'd call taking people's money - when the account has been closed FRAUD. I'd say its FRAUD when they refuse to do 1 simple claim - WTF was the insurance for in the first place??

Call his office (314) 664-5433 and see if anybody answers (they won't- because nobodys ever there). They just like to collect the money and do NOTHING.

to Karl Z #696434

So somehow you believe agents "take people's money when the account is closed". If you are on an automatic draft, the agent didn't do anything, the company drafted your money. Agent's don't have authority to draft people's money. They just sign you up for your insurance. If you cancelled it, did you SIGN the proper paperwork to cancel or did you just make a phone call and hope it got taken care of? Did you give the company enough notice before your draft date to stop it? You can't ask a company to stop a draft a couple of days before it drafts. It takes 7 to 10 days to stop a draft.

What was your claim? Agent's don't refuse to take a claim or to honor a claim. You file the claim and the company makes the decision. Everything you've stated just sounds like you're blaming the agent and don't understand how insurance companies work. What exactly do you want the agent's office to do? They sold you a policy, the money goes to the company and the company makes all the decisions. A denied claim and a company draft have absolutely NOTHING to do with the agent.

Again, you can go online or call the company directly. You also have the right to change agents anytime you want to, but making horrible accusations that sound like they have nothing to do with an agent is nothing but slander against that agent.

to Still Curious Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #696594

...lol, funny how you come back every 4 hours to defend State Farm. What are ya - a State Farm "Spin Rep" ??

So 98% of all of us consumers are wrong..

2.8/5 on State Farms own website say the same things...


They obviously have problems because look at the reviews, its pages and pages saying the same thing.

Try calling the State Farm Corporate office - you can't.

I'm not even talking about the claim - ***.

I'm talking about the lousy customer service, and unethical billing practices.

I wouldn't be so dumb - to give these unethical fraudsters- direct access to draft money out of my account.

Call the company directly. lol. Goodluck with that.

So spin- away...

How are going to spin all those reviews on your own website???

and all the other websites....


to Karl Z #824482

Karl... You're panties are in a bunch and you're foaming at the mouth.

Calm down, we don't need a seizure. I work for a competitor and although I have replaced several state farm policies, they are still one of the better companies out there. I'm guessing your the guy that calls an insurance office 5 times in an hour, while the staff is on lunch, and then goes and rants about how terrible his life is, yammy yammy yammy.

Remember, your agent is the guy that is able to go to bat for you at claims time. If you're a dickweed, don't expect any service because we get paid the same.


Specifics please. Just generalizations because you're angry don't make any sense to anyone. First, agents aren't claim decision makers. Only the claims department can approve or deny a claim.

If you're having trouble filing a claim, and would like to bypass the agent, go online and file the claim or call the toll free number.

When you say they're never in their office, do you mean at lunchtime or on the weekends? All agents have after-hour service. Call after hours and speak to a claim rep, they'll be glad to help you. Also, you don't have to speak to an agent, anyone in the office can take a claim. You sound like you're over-reacting.

What do you mean "the insurance never covers anything"? Again, specifics please or are you just trying to slander the agent?

to Curious #824982

If Scott Holdridge, was so f'n wonderful - why has his State Farm office moved 3 times in four years.... Enough said.

I bet you (Scott Holdridge) regret being a douche-bag now? huh?

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