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Monetary Loss: $3.

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I hate them too. Treated me like it was my fault because I had hail damage.

Left them as soon as my repairs to my house and car were done.


I am going to remain anonymous as I am still in the middle of a lawsuit with State Farm. I was involved in an auto accident with another driver insured by State Farm in 2011.

It truly was a no brainer that the other driver was at fault being that I was at a complete stop waiting to make my turn at an intersection and also that (thanks to my attorney) we discovered the other driver was vision inpaired (blind in one eye). According to State Farm, I was completely negligent only because their insured lied about the whole thing. I was left without a vehicle and they refused to give me a rental. I was also in a lot of pain and I was unable to get physical therapy.

I was basically left out for scraps. After several MRIs and X-Rays they found that I had 3 crushed discs which were protruding as well as a torn rotator cuff and needed to get surgery as I was suffering from terrible headaches and sharp pains in my neck. I also had a torn miniskus that happened several months later and could not be included in the lawsuit so I had to chalk that one as a loss. Since then I have had both surgeries which was a grueling task but thank God have turned out great.

We also went through a one week trial in court where they found the other driver 100% negligent and the case was won. This is 2 years in the making and it now appears that the defense is appealing after being denied a re-trial. I just was informed by my attorney that we are no where near a resolution and this is going to take a while. Why should I have to suffer when they clearly know that their driver was completely at fault?

I guess that's where the 3 Ds comes into effect. State Farm may think that I am going to get tired and possibly settle for less, well guess again State Farm. I want to be compensated and recieve what I was awarded by the jury in full.

Now even more than ever since you want to drag this on for as long as you could. State Farm Insurance is by far one of the worst insurance companies in the US and I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with them as I have.

Rockville, Maryland, United States #813912

Terrible. MY experience as having homeowner insurance with them was terrible, run for your life

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #777476

I have been with SFIC for thirty years. Filed first claim three months ago.

Two weeks ago, they said claim was approved. Get second estimate to get car repaired. Called agent and guess what? We not going to repair your car.

They reopened the case and were waiting for me to call back so they could tell me. Does that make any sense? You do not tell a woman she is pregnant , then get to the hospital and say she is no longer having a baby.

Just poor customer service. If I had only known.


I was a State Farm policy holder for 4 years and never had a problem. They defended me when I was in a hit and run and the police tried to say that it was my fault..

THEN, I left State Farm and went to another insurance company that I love.

..Which is when this *** lady drove into oncoming traffic and totaled my husband's car and broke his shoulder. They have been stringing us along for two weeks. We both work a lot, so we both need vehicles.

He took my truck and I got a rental (which State Farm was to pay for).. they then changed their minds after I had the rental for TWO WEEKS and are going to make us pay for it. His car has been in a wrecker yard for these two weeks and we cannot get in contact with our agent to give her the VIN number. She is SO FREAKING RUDE.

I can't stand her. She has treated me like absolute dirt, along with everyone else that I have been in contact with. I am so tired of this run around. If it wasnt for your policy holder, I would not be in this situation in the first place so don't be rude!!

They are absolutely hard to deal with and it is stressful.

Long story short, if you are a holder - theyre great. If you are claiming against a holder - Good riddance, they suck.

Savanna, Illinois, United States #604929

I have had State Farm for over 30 years and have never had a problem. I have had a few claims, and they paid every penny.

If you don't understand your coverages, ask questions! :)

Denver, Colorado, United States #573628

My husband and I have been with State Farm for over ten years and never had a problem – until my husband was involved in an accident. A woman pulled out in front of him on a frontage road and he collided into the passenger side.

The police report stated that it was HER fault. SHE was ticketed. SHE was charged with careless driving, failure to yield, and failure to provide proof of insurance. As it turns out she had State Farm as well.

Her policy must have been better than ours because State Farm fought hard to back her up. The woman denied fault and changed her story multiple times. It took over THREE months for them to reach a conclusion: that they were BOTH partially at fault. We are now in the process of suing the woman at fault and the D.A.

told us that we have a solid case. To make matters worse, every agent we spoke with at State Farm was terribly rude and knew very little about our case. This whole process has been a nightmare and we are in the process of switching from this horrible company performing organized crime.

State Farm is great… as long as you NEVER have an accident.


There are 2 sides to everything. Most people do not take the time to understand their coverages.

Those who are insured w/State Farm and had an accident, do you have collision or comprehensive coverage? Makes all the difference in the world if you are to be paid for vehicle damage. Those who have claims against State Farm, State Farm is defending their insured and make payments when liabilty is clearly established. This goes for EVERY insurance company out there, not just State Farm.

It is a nightmare having an accident and then having to navigate through the claim process especially if you don't understand what your coverages are.

Check your policies and listen to and ask your adjuster questions so you can better understand the process. Yes, I was an adjuster for another company and I was more than willing to help educate either party in the process they were going to have to go through.

to DFW too Greenville, South Carolina, United States #629755

Thank you, reading and knowing what is in your policy is essential. As I have read through a large portion of the complaints on-line, I noticed a great many of the writers are still incredibly angry even years after having left State Farm. One person claimed they would even like to use an automatic rifle at their home office in Bloomington. I can not know all the circumstances of the events, un-paided claims and dropped policies. Perhaps this stems from the agents themselves.

I have been with State Farm for over thirty years. I have only had one incident that would have caused me to leave State Farm completely, had it not been for another SF agent. I struck another car in an intersection after the driver had failed to yield the right of way and turned across my path. The light was green in my direction as I was going through. After the crash, the other driver sped away, (because he had no license, no insurance and did not own the vehicle). He broke into someone's basement to hide from police. He would turn himself in to police a few days later.

After a trial, and all claims were settled, I received my next bill from State Farm. My premium had risen quite a bit, so I called my agent. She informed me that because I had been involved in an accident that my premium would go up. I thought this odd as I had been paying for "uninsured". I knew another SF agent from a neighboring town who was a frequent customer at a store I was managing. I told him what happened and he agreed with me that my policy should not have been affected. I dropped my policy with the old SF agent and began dealing with the new SF agent. I have been with that agency since '94 and they have always handled everything to my satisfaction.

I have two homes, one vehicle and my wife's wedding ring covered by SF. My wife is one of those who does not like SF, and it has never been clear to me why. She is with Nationwide, and even though my agent has quoted her a lower rate, (even before the lower rate as my wife and the multi car discount, this would save on my policy if SF could cover her car). Two years ago we purchased our second home. We needed coverage for the closing, so I called my agent and she called her's. I was able to handle the policy via the phone, while, to my knowledge her agent has not yet returned her call.

In short, know your policy and know your agent.


I work for a body shop, take it from first hand when dealing with insurance companies... The worse BY FAR is state far when it comes to quality of repair and from a deductible standpoint.

Best? USAA hands down.

to Joshua #773809

Joshua, Are you ignorant? You claim that State Farm is the worst when it comes to quality of repair.

What a moronic statement. The BODY SHOP is responsible for the quality of repair! Sttae Farm does not repair cars. They insure them.

You are basically stating that YOUR quality of repairs are the worst. Also, what does one's deductible have to do with anything? They entered into their agreement with their insurance company and that is on them. It has nothing to do with you.

Yes,I am an auto estimator. I deal with body shops on a daily basis.

The whole auto repair business is slimy. There are good honest shops out there but they are few and far between.

to Lor #975991

Well this response was potentially ignorant. Cost cutting measures pushed by the company can lead to low quality results regardless of the workmanship!

Direct-repair programs, cheaper replacement parts, rather than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts - may not provide good protection in a crash..." This is OFTEN the case with bottom dollar/earnings focused Fortune 50 companies. No brainer.

Bottom line over customer service. Independent insurance lawyers warn people to RUN from this company for a reason.


In spite of all the disgrunted clients State Farm obviously does a good job 97% of the time since that is their satisfaction percentage in all major studies. According to the industry standards they rank #2 in satisfied customers behind Amica Insurance which is a small company in Ohio.


:zzz stsate farm is by far the worst company out there and buyer beware they dont pay out there claims and i was hit by a state farm agent and she got 5 tickets and i have several injuries from the accident and iam still paying for medical bills ... needless to say the you know what sued me and took money out of my bank account to pay her lawyer fees???never write them a check thats how she got my bank numbers???and ps the state of michigan never paid me my personal pertection ??


My wife & I had State Farm for 1 yr,the following year they went up $120.00 ,without any wrecks or tickets on our part.When asked why,the agent stated..that happens every now & then,next year it may go back down...Yeah right,,we did`nt give them another year to paste us........

to Tombstone Savanna, Illinois, United States #604933

Every insurance company is the same..This is due to inflation..same reason gas prices go up. That's why you see an increase in your bill, go to allstate, country company geico, etc..all the same. As the economy gets worse, your bill will go up.

to in response to Tombstone Wisconsin, United States #871185

Bottom line is this though. Someone who has no tickets or accidents gets an increase, like I did from State Farm....a sizeable one at that and then goes on to check other insurers quotes and gets a quote from American family for the same coverage for less than half. Now, how can State Farm explain that??

So when these jerks increase rates on great drivers and they can get way lower rates somewhere else then that means they are being taken advantage of.

to in response to Tombstone #1470782

insurance on a vehicle should go down year after year, ad the vehicle depreciates, if today i insure a car that's worth 50k by next year it will be worth 40k and on year 3 about 33k and so on.insurance covers actual cash value on the car, therefore the pay out will be less.after 2 years all generic cheap made in Taiwan parts come to the market and body shops are forced to use those to save cost per claim, also parts from the junk yards start to become available.i agree with tombstone. want to save money, cancel your policy every year and get a new one written, you will see the difference.

to Tombstone Savanna, Illinois, United States #604937

All of your responses are due to an issue with a specific incident or agent that you've had..doesn't mean that the WHOLE company is like that. You can't speak for all of State Farm, etc because you've never dealt with them and not all Agents, Claim reps,etc will treat you the same.

For example: Having a bad experience at a motel 8..you can't say ALL motel 8's are HORRIBLE because you haven't stayed at all of them..See what I'm saying? :) :grin

to Oliver #1470783

anything you have to say about the incident with the glued on roof on the honda fit?

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