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Taking Advantage of an older Woman

In August I was a passenger in a car accident on I-25. The people who hit us were insured by State Farm. When we contacted State Farm to see what we should do because we had injures they told us to go to the emergency room and give them a claim number which they provided to us.

I went to Portors Hospital and received treatment. My bill was a little over 23,000 dollars. Once the bills started coming in I started working with State Farm. They had a packet that they needed me to complete. I completed it and faxed it back to them. Over the next 5 weeks I faxed the same packet to them 4 times because State Farm kept stating that they did not have it.

In January I contacted them again and they told me that they had a settlement for me for 13,000 dollars. They told me that all I needed to do is sign the release and then my insurance Cigna would cover my hospital bill. I asked the agent more than once..if I signed the release that meant that i could come and get a check for 13,000 and what Cigna didn't cover i would pay the hospital out of the settlement money. He told me yes. So I signed it and faxed it back.

I called to make sure that they had received it and they had. So I told the agent that I would be on my way to get the check. At that point the whole agreement changed and he said that until the hospital was paid then they would not release the check to me. State Farm lied to me to get me to sign the release.

The bill was submitted to my insurance at the end of January. Two weeks ago I got a check in the mail from State Farm for a little under 13,000 dollars made out to me and the hospital. I then got a statement from Cigna showing that i owed "0" on the hospital bill. So I called State Farm to have them re issue the check in only my name. They said that I needed to go to Portors Hospital and have them sign off on the check.

I went to Portors Hospital today and showed them the statement from Cigna stating that I owed "0" and I needed them to sign over the check to me. I handed the check to the representative in billing. The hospital told me that Cigna has not paid the bill and that this check is for them and not for my pain and suffering and on top of that that they will bill me for the remaining amount over about 10,000 dollars. Needless to say they kept the check.

So not only was I injured from one of State farms clients but now I am left with owing the hospital bill of 23,000 dollars. How can State Farm do that to people? They were very misleading about the whole claim. I have never been in a accident before but if I ever I am in one again the first thing I will do is call a lawyer. I think that State Farm should be investigated because they took advantage of me ....leaving me with the whole bill when it was not my fault. I am the victum here. I was hit by their client only to be left with a 23,000 dollar bill. This is not right.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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You are an ***! You should have got an attorney!

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