I had StateFarm Insurance, Bedford, NH and had 3 bad experiences and finally dumped them. First, a guy hit my car (intentionally out of anger) ( I was parked at a light with 2 witnesses) and ironically he had the same insurance company.

He told the insurance company that I had hit him. Although he ripped my front bumper off and the evidence was screaming obvious who hit who...the insurance company said it was both of our faults and charged us both. My witnesses they said were family, so they dont count. Second incident...cop hits my daughters car.

Never got anything out of the claim. They did not pursue it at all despite the damage to her car. Third incident...neighbors in my condex polluted my side of the condex..,the condex insurance (State Farm) refused to cover it as they said pollution is not covered. I spoke to the insurance board who told them to pay....they agreed to pay...but only $700 for clean up.

They told the clean up company, Servpro, to jack up the price so I would only have 4 hours of coverage. 4 hours barely touched the mess.

I hate State Farm...in my opinion, they are sneaky, unethical thieves. My advice...don't walk....run !!!!

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I agree with you completely and I also sued State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company,Myself V. State Farm,they are paying via check.

All in all. I still got screwed.

No longer a customer and will never go back.


State Farm gave me a quote for car insurance. I paid upfront for 6 months based on this quote price.

I get a phone call two weeks later from an agent saying that underwriting found that I have 2 DUIs on my record (I have none) and that they are dropping me. The sent me a check that was a fraction of my 6 months of paid premiums. I called to ask for the rest of my money and she said that my premium should have been more than double what was quoted and so the one month of insurance they actually gave me cost was outrageously more than the quoted price, so they are keeping it.

This is at least egregious and should be illegal. They are horrible human beings.


i am soo mad, ***, ***, cheating, State Farm ix the worst EVER insurance . one of their clients hit my car, he admitted it was his falt, than state farm told me that after speaking with him they came to decision that the accident is my falt.

IDIOTS!!! :(



Last Year, 2010 the day after thanksgiving some of the family went shopping while I was laying down for what I though was an eternity, but actually turned out to be 45 minutes woke me to a nightmare! I was awakened by a loud pop that sounded like a rifle going off. When I jumped up from the couch the hall was engulfed in flames and the fire was eating up the residence quickly as it was finding fuel to feed on. I quickly went for a bucket in the kitchen which was the quickest thing I could think of to grab and fill with water, since my elderly grandmother was in one of the adjoining bedrooms that the fire was spreading to. After about 10 minutes of fighting this fire with buckets of water, I opened the doors to vent the smoke out after making sure it was out, then tripped the alarm which could be heard over the neighborhood, and got everyone out. Well to get to the point the *** which they are at ServPro and I hope no one has to ever deal with these *** artists came in to look over the house along with our insurance agent. We were told that we would have to immediately leave gather some belongings and sings would be posted on the residence that it was not a safe structure to enter. We ended up dealing with about a dozen different companies through ServPro so when they do "their" little commercials they are lying out their ***! We were told we would be able to return to our home like new in no more than a week, another lie by State Farm and ServPro we were housed in a hooker hotel like apartment for a month and a half. Another good lie State Farm told was when they phoned us one Friday and told we could return home it was all clean and beautiful well uh when I unlocked my front door and walked in I could have killed the insurance agent it looked as if a bomb had went off. It took 22 Straight Hours to Clean up and put back what ServPro was supposed to have done and believe the whole time State Farm Insurance's lies from ***. They even had cut power to our home without our permission, which I had to restore, including networking they refused to replace or reimburse for the food we lost from cutting our power, they destroyed some furniture, and jewelry was missing alot which was antique, long story short this residence was fine until State Farm and ServPro came in and now it probably needs atleast $40,000 or more in work. I saw one of the ServPro workers the other day, he was about to speak, and I said boy if you know what is good for you then you will keep walking or I'm getting ready to commit a felony. Here our some new slogans: State Farm Like A Good *** Artist We Will Take You Here And There. ServPro: Like You Will Remember Us Till The Day You Die


Sergio Pena in mission texas simply the worst.His staff is only focused on sales and lack the ability to provide good customer service.You can get better service with Pronto or Fred Loya.The agent is never in the office, so don't even think on speaking to him. Lies Lies Lies.Sure I want to go back to Statefarm.... !!


Not Only are agents sneaky when it comes to Disclose coverages ,but Agents promote high deductibles so their claims ratio stays low,and they make more profit. Believe me I was with SnakeFarm and found out that they are the worst.

Specially agents in south Texas claiming to be top agents in the nation. Bad service,Unethical practices, and lazy agents who would never return a phone call.


State Farm is a criminal organization. They are not "sneaky", they intentionally, deliberately, maliciously intend to defraud, lie and steal. They are state supported criminals.

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