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It's just not fair...

Have been paying premiums for over 35 years on many homes and cars. Last year had 6 cars and 2 homes with them. Pulled 2 of the cars becuase their rates went way up. Still have 4 cars and 2 homes, and a jewelry policy. I got a notice a month ago that they were cancelling one of my policies becuase of the driving records of my three boys. They cited claims that were not even resolved yet and were in subrogation. The plan was to cancel all three policies my son's are on. This was before liability could even be determined on outstanding claims, and despite my agent telling me over the years that I have a GRP (guarnateed Renewal Policy)

I am pulling all my business and the $12000 I spend each year on insurance, and taking my business to Allstate.

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tp LOL: please speak english and try to make some sense. Allstate DID take my 3 homes and 7 vehicles.

And I am paying almost half of State Farm's inflated rates. The subrogation's (that's a big word so maybe you should get your dictionary) were ruled in our favor, but too late for State Farm !

to OP #630760

Just don't try to make a claim with Allstate because you'll get nowhere. And check you premiums every 6 months because they will mysteriously go up, and up, and up.


Ha good luck if State Farm is dropping you, all state won't take you; broker market or stop babying your kids and acting like them being in Caiden's is okay. Grow up.


add up your premiums paid over the years, subtract the claims paid out over the same period. ( take out catastrophic losses like hail etc. )

- If your policy has made them money, you have an argument but remember to measure about a 75 % operating expense. So use only 25 % of the premium paid.

- Point is if after 30 years they have not made money from you, chances of a profit in the future are slim.

- They will be happy you took you business to Allstate to let them worry about it.

I am not saying I agree, I am just giving you a base from which to view you as a risk. Remember, if you owned your own business would you want a customer like you ( profitable or not )

Good Luck and I hope this helps you build up an argument. If you are profitable, give them *** for the way you are being treated and go higher up the ladder. It is easy for senior managment to say no when they don't have to talk to you. Get them on the line and 90% of the times they are chicken *** and will cave.

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