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I was with State Farm Insurance for 17 years. I have always maintained a clean record. This year, I experienced my 1st and 2nd at fault accident with another vehicle in MI. My 1st accident was in a private driveway: I backed into another car's door, minimal damage. The 2nd accident was more serious on the hwy. I failed to stop in time when a car in front of me slowed down to turn and I drove around the shoulder side-swiping the car. My negligence.

State Farm has a strange internal point system that if you get 6 pts or more, they cancel your coverage. The 1st at-fault accident was worth 3 pts, the 2nd 4pts within 3 years of each other.

I received two letters in the mail telling me my coverage is cancelled for both my motorcycle and car.

They refused to negotiate and refused to simply charge me higher premiums!!!

I went to Progressive here in MI that very next day and received coverage even after disclosing the recent accidents.

Shame on this unethical business practice. I will NEVER use State Farm Insurance for anything else!!

-pb in MI

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1249754

We have been with them for 30 years with no claims until the past few years. Two of our boys had 2 minor at fault accidents, like barely swiping the bumper of a car while pulling out of a parking space.

We have our home, 5 vehicles, and a motorcycle insured with them. They are cancelling all our vehicles and our motorcycle.

Some friends of ours had also been with them for 30 years and never had a claim. This past year they had wind damage to their roof and then a couple months later a small fire in the attic that did some damage to their bathroom.

Neither of these negligence on their part and state farm cancelled them.

You better believe we will not only be going elsewhere for our vehicles but also our homeowners. We have paid in well over the amount they have ever paid out to us as well as covering their administration costs..

What the heck do you buy insurance for if you cant use it.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1215165

There is nothing unethical about this at all. When an insurance company keep insuring someone with multiple accidents, rates go up for everyone insured there. Why would they keep you on after two at-fault accidents?

As long as you were given 30 days notice (legal requirement), they are perfectly within their right to cancel you.


My daughter has had State Farm for years. Her premium was around 500 every 6 months.

She neglected to pay her premium and they canceled her. Which would be a normal practice.

But when she went to renew her policy they was going to charge her 900 every 6 months for a year forcing her to shop around. She had a clean record with them never making a claim.

to ***ed #689642

Makes perfect sense. You are penalized for driving illegally.

If your daughter is the type of person who believes it's ok to let her insurance lapse and continue to drive, she's considered a high risk driver. Lower rates are reserved for those who pay their bills on time. Statistically, it's proven that those who have a problem with their creditare more likely to make claims.

Sorry you don't agree, but it's just the facts. Don't let your insurance lapse.

Keller, Texas, United States #670639

Pretty much any insurance carrier can drop you like a bad habit it's not just State Farm . No I don't work for them .

They make money when you are low risk , simply put not going to cost them more than they get out of you . It's pretty standard practice for better carriers to drop high risk drivers, cars etc . That's the game . Yep sucks seems unfair huh ?

But such is life . Stay away from the cheapo carriers that will insure high risk they don't pay claims trust me I'm an agent and I've seen it happen .

get what u pay for . But state farms a little to high in the first place so your likely saving money now and happy .


They did the same to me!!! Agh!!!!

My accidents were 18 months apart. The first was me driving through the gate of my gated community and hitting another caron the side. Neither of us were going more than 10 miles an hour and it was on private property.

The other was also on private property and it was my front bumper SCRATCHING the PAINT of another car. (*** Lady wanted to file a claim even the scratch was the size of a quarter even called the police who said they couldn't do anything cause it was private property)

So yes I had these accidents but both were minor (very) and 18 months apart and the second was six months ago and they renewed it once already since then. Why can't they just renew it again. I left a message for my agent. He better call to fix this tomorrow


Business is when one party gets shafted ( more or less) while the other party gains ( more or less)

It is up to you, the shafted party to learn how to not get shafted more but rather get shafted less.

No matter what... you get shafted! Remember that! No exceptions!

Example: you buy a bottle of diet coke for 1.80 at the local gas station. The bottle costs 5 cents to produce. You do the math! Is it really necessary for them to shaft you 1.80 worth to cover cost including transport and overhead and also make a proffit? No it ain't necessary! 45 cents would cover all that and make them a decent proffit but they dont give a *** about being honest or ethical. They want to see what the market can bare. The market is your silly butt! So as long as you let them shaft you they will keep on loving you! Thats business!

Back to the State Farm deal:

#1 you should put yourself in their shoes.you screw up twice within a few months and they should just love you right? They aren\'t your mother.

#2 you ride too? Are you ***^%^ insane? You can\'t back up safely in a driveway and you almost rearend someone on the highway? Did you think you were riding rather than driving your car so you just took the shoulder thinking you were small enough like as you are on your bike?

#3 sell the bike cuz its a good possibility you will break something or worse knock on wood! (this is just based on history)

People who ding their car a lot will have just about as good a karma on their bike.Thats why they dropped you! Risk level went way high! and again they want to make money not love on you and give you 10 chances like your mama.WTF is this so hard to comprehend?

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