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State Farm will not admit fair Diminished Value of our vehicle and permanent loss to our car.

They disputed all facts. Client lied they would not take responsibility. We had to get our Insurance involved. SF dismisses Car- Fax repairs receipts for DV.

1 year 8 months since accident we are still out.

Insurance Commission is not any help they are reluctant to argue w/ State Farm State Farm has majority of market share in WV.

No Insurance Agency wants "Diminished Value" to be equated at REAL loss value in accidents, because insurance companies will have to actually pay out.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Diminished value is a tricky situation. A lot of insurance companies go off their quotas and not that of others'.

Was $3500 the total amount of value lost?

Let me know!

Houston, Texas, United States #784524

There are a number of scam artists out there who provide diminished value appraisals based on formulas or auto auction results. State Farm will reject these - I know because they refused to recognize the validity of those methods.

I finally used an independent appraiser from Florida that provided six quotes from actual Lexus dealers. State Farm still gave me a hard time but, in the end, it was the dealer quotes that were accepted as proof that my car had lost value.


Meier- I've been battling with State Farm for the last six months over my DV claim! I finally got the check early last week!!! It took a lot of time, stress and effort on my part, but it was totally worth it!

One of the tactics I started using was calling the adjuster EVERY SINGLE DAY to ask where my claim stood, when will I get a check, why are they taking so long, and anything else that came to mind that might annoy her! I left her at least one very long voicemail every single day. My intention was to annoy her to the point that she would do just about anything to make me go away!

I'd be interested in hearing your whole story and how they've justified not paying DV for so long??? Feel free to email me- I'll try to do anything I can to help you get paid for your DV! I'd love to hear from you....maybe we can take 'em down together!!!




My family has always had a great time with State Farm. Not one problem, ever.

When I was in 5th grade, my mom and I got into a good-sized wreck and she was found at fault, and I was awarded $25k (in addition to the payment of my medical bills) so that I didn't sue her later on or something to that effect. Which has paid for my truck and a good portion of my college. The only lasting damage I suffered from the crash is a scar and a tiny (about the size of a dull pencil lead) chunk missing out of my left ear. Freeman Hospital came closer to killing me than she did.

I digress, though. There's no way I'd consider a different insurance company.

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