I have been a State Farm customer since 1997 with absolutely zero claims. In 2010, I got into a 3 car accident.

A mustang sped out at a stop light and lost traction coming back into oncoming traffic and hitting the car in front of me which I also hit. State Farm DENIED my claim because I was the third car. They explained to me that the middle driver (approximately 80+ years old) would have been able to avoid the accident if not for me. However, if you look at the police report (who were on the scene) they clearly list the only person as careless driving as driver #1 (the mustang).

The lady that handled my claim was the most unprofessional and rude individual I've ever had to deal with in my life. THELMA RICKEY will not return your phone call and will treat you like your a criminal....not a 15+ year customer trying to file their first claim. I'm still paying higher insurance rates b/c of this and recently again called State Farm (whom I am clearly no longer insured with) to try to get the accident reviewed as it is listed as an at fault accident for me. The first lady I spoke with looked up my info and said she would have to send it along to THELMA RICKEY to get an answer.

I knew I was screwed at that point. Again, she didn't return my phone call and in typical state farm fashion, got a letter stating that it was an at fault accident. I am a 31 year old driver with no moving violations and one accident now on my record and will never again be using State Farm. They have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD.

If you get a call from THELMA RICKEY that she is processing your claim first praise Jesus that she took the time out of her busy schedule to call you but at the same time know that your screwed.

Our National goverment really needs to look at these scandelous business practices! PS - after raising *** and speaking to a manager, I received a check to fix my truck from state farm but they still have it listed as an at fault accident causing me to pay ~2x the rates I was paying before.

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If I am visualizing your claim correctly, Car 1 was out of control and hit car two (which was in front of you). You are car 3 and hit the vehicle in front of you (middle car).

I'm going to offer you some very basic information concerning accidents and the way they are investigated and reviewed by insurance companies. I hope this information helps you understand the reason for the outcome of your claim.

First: Police reports are only ONE tool in the investigation process. They are by no means the end all or be all concerning the claim. Basically, unless the police officer was an eye witness to the accident, it is just the police officer's version of the scene based on placement of vehicles and statements of those on the scene. Please keep in mind many police officers are not trained scene investigators and some have had only minimal instruction on how to write a report. I can't even count the number of incorrect and error filled reports I have reviewed.

Second: Insurance adjusters spend years in training for scene investigation. They receive their training from multiple venues. They spend every day handling numerous claims and State Farm Insurance companies pays more property and casualty claims than any other insurance company in the world. You can only imagine the amount of data they have on file.

Third: The citations that are issued by a police officer are the police officers opinion only and many are thrown out in court once they are challenged. Many times police officers don't issue a citation when one was needed. That said, I'm not saying you should have been issued a citation, but if the accident happened as you described it, it sounds like you could have been issued a citation for following too closely.

Fourth: Did you file a claim against car #1's driver? If so, what was the result of their investigation? If you didn't, why not?

Fifth: The standard coverages under your policy would include collision coverage. Collision is defined by hitting an object, other than an animal. That would be the ONLY coverage available to take care of your claim. Collision coverage is ALWAYS considered at-fault, unless you hit an animal and then, comprehensive coverage would apply. This is the case with EVERY INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA. State Farm applied collision coverage toward your claim. Period. You paid your deductible and your claim was covered. It will count against you for 3 years. There's absolutely no way around it and there was absolutely no other choice. I'm just not sure what other coverage you would expect the company to cover you under. You hit an object (which happened to be another car). The insurance company had to pay to repair the car you hit under liability and your car repairs would have been made under collision (if you carry collision). What other conclusion would you expect? Insurance companies can't just pay out a claim like this one without applying collision coverage.

to Insurance Basics Frederick, Maryland, United States #597848

For the most part I do like your comment. It is very thorough and informative, however, when an insurance company pays out of collision coverage it is not always considered at fault.

If someone hits your vehicle and you are not at fault but you feel more comfortable going thorugh your own insurance you can.

The insurance company would consider the insured not at fault and then we would subrogate against the at fault party. It wouldn't show up as at fault in your records, but rather a claim was filed and paid.

to nkemp15 #598989

nkemp15, you are correct in the fact that once the claim is subrogated against and all costs are recovered, the collision claim will not show up as "at fault". However, if the subrogation does not occur or fails to provide recovery of lost funds, the claim will always continue to be "at fault" on your record.

The problem is many insurance companies do not feel that every subrogation claim is worthy of their cost to recover.

Many do not subrogate once they investigate and find that the at fault party has no funds or has very limited coverage, if any. Unfortunately, I have seen this play out several times.

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