Well like the rest of you out there we have been with State Farm for 38yrs.Our motor coach caught fire July 20th 2011 in front of our house.They paid the balance of the loan.We lost about $60,000.00.They said they would pay the contends and see what caused the fire.They sent us a recent letter stating they are investigating and want tax returns etc.They are blaming us.They never came to our house to see the property damage and the don't know what caused the fire.I have an attorney now.We have answered all of there questions and they say we arn't cooperating with them.I can't believe the games they play.Alot more to this story.This is just a piece of it.SHAME ON YOU STATE FARM.You are fraudulant not the insured.

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Stae Farm is horrible, my car was wrecked in a storm and they claim that only part of it was from the storm, now they want me to file two more claims that are collisions to cover the rest of the storm damage. After 24 years of never missing a payment I'm done with them.

My three cars and home will be going elsewhere for coverage. I recommend these thieves to no one!


State farm are lying cheating thieves. Dont use them, my car was damaged by a customer of theirs, I went to their bodyshop and they will only pay 1/2 the costs. then they have the nerve to ask me if I want to switch insurance companies with them.......they love to take your money but wont pay out at time of need...


state farm did not talk to me about property damage because i had got injurd by a policy holder of them. so i had to get a lawer,then they would not talk to me because i had a lawer they will go way out of there way not to pay a claim..im not talking big money its not more than $3,000.trust me if you have them for ins.

get another ins. or your a ***, that will be sorry some day


My brother backed into my little 94 2-door car with his truck. Caused $4,000 in damage (the car books for $2300 so it's totaled) and state farm calls me back 24 hours later only to tell me they won't cover it because we live in the same household.

He has full coverage with State Farm and I have a different company. Why does my brother have liability if it's useless?

I wasn't even home at the time but since we live in the same house that basically means they're not at fault, according to them anyway. May have to get a lawyer involved.


They did it to me too. Stolen car.

They asked me if I owed anything on credit cards, asked me if I had any outstanding loans, asked me how much my income is (I declined to answer that one) they asked all kinds of personal info. Oh, even how much my house payments are and if I am behind in that.

They are horrible. Two months later still waiting for them to pay the claim.


they wont pay lost wages from auto accidentas on policy

always need more info !! have 3 yrs tax returns games anything but pay


I also know someone who had Statefarm and when her car was stolen they actually asked how much she owed on her credit cards.

Screw them.

I bad mouth them to everyone I can.

to Biga Middleton, Wisconsin, United States #608262

I paid State Farm around $400.00 a month and a tornado damaged my property in 2011 and they refuse to pay. They have asked for all my personal information, tax returns, Bank Account information and relatives information people I have done business with ect...

I guess I created the tornado that did the damage. LOL They even tied making me during a deposition remember complete details of everything that happened in 2011 without my notes. LOL They try to trip me up and make me out to be the bad person so they don't have to pay!!! They are ruthless and shouldn't be in business period!!!

I feel like the criminal and they are the ones that took my money and wouldn't fix my property. Which I paid for a full replacement policy of $350,000.00 which is a worthless policy!!! I give up and that's what they want you to do!!!

They have won!!! :cry :cry :cry Is there a insurance company out there that does the right thing???

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