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My old agent Michael Bader and his horrible staff Trish and Terry are by far the WORSE reps around! State Farm=THEFT!! State Farm has horrible customer service and they do not fix their messes in a timely manner OR at all. In March, I changed my name (I got married). At that time, I explained not to add my husband to the policy/exclude him as he has his own policy for our other vehicles and literally never drives this car. Well, they looked up his information and they added him anyway. At that time, they also asked if I wanted to "bundle" and get homeowner's insurance. I stated no several times because I already have a great policy elsewhere and I never gave them any information on sq footage etc. Well, they must have looked all that up and added homeowner's insurance as well without my consent. It took 3 months and SEVERAL calls to get them to cancel the homeowner policy that should have never been made in the first place! Thanks Terry for screwing up another thing.

In order for my auto insurance policy not to cancel, I was forced to pay about $100 extra a month due to them adding my husband anyway despite my requests and exclusion indicating NOT to add him. I received a letter in April that he could not be insured. So note, he was NEVER insured by state farm.

From April to June, I still had to pay the extra amount for an unknown reason in order to keep my insurance active because Trish from state farm kept calling telling me If I Didnt pay the full amt she was cancelling my policy. State Farm owes me a refund of $300 due to their mistakes and it is September and I still haven't received my refund. I still have no answers as to when I will get my refund and I constantly have to call to try and get a resolution. All I want is my money back that I should have never had to pay! They kept telling me I would get it, then they said it would be in the mail in the next couple days, then they said they already refunded it (which is not the slightest bit correct) then they said its in the mail and last they said I do not have a refund coming at all.

I also had to have a window replaced. I had to call and set it up myself which was okay and I did. Well, the people they chose to fix it broke all the clips in my window and didn't replace it causing my window to crack and be replaced an additional 2 times. Finally, I called State Farm in hopes for them to correct this mess and get my clips, etc. replaced and they refused. I then requested State Farm use a different company on the last install and I set all that up myself and had the clips replaced and etc and had to get all the information for billing etc. Isn't that what I pay them extra for?

State Farm does nothing correct but take your money out of your account the day it's due and more than they should. Otherwise nothing else is corrected and nothing else gets resolved unless you push and do it yourself. Even that will take 4 months and counting to get my money back that they now say I am not getting. I'm a very angry/displeased customer and would not recommend state farm to anyone in the world! Everything about state farm is HORRIBLE!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #593161

I have tow insurance on my policy.

Got my car towed when broke down on the tollway 2 wks ago.

My bill was $158.00.

They only reimbursed me for $115.00.

Not happy about that much.

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