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First off, i moved to Texas from California. On the third day here i call several areas for insurance.

When i started talking to a State Farm agent in Texas she took my account information and discussed it with my Cali state farm. It took them 4 hours to give me a quote. During the 2nd hour of waiting for a call i decided to call USAA and bought their insurance. So i call my california state farm agent to cancel it and the lady tells me she cant because she forwarded it to a Texas agent.

i ask her for the agents name and phone number which she says she has no access too. So i refuse to hang up and ask her how can she send my information to other brokers with no name and number. Finally she coughs up a number and name which they are inactive. I had to find the name in google maps and number.

luckily, i did. i contacted her and she told me she has nothing to do with it. she was just here for a quote. So i call my cali agent again.

for the 2nd time and ask her who i have to contact to cancel it. i clearly told her i didnt want her insurance anymore and i was canceling it as of today. And she finally acknowledged it, after what felt like a 30min phone talk. I clearly told her i was sending them a cancelation letter so i would be waiting for my check and she said ok.

and we hung up. Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Customer Care.

Reason of review: i found a WAY better insurance.

I liked: Logo.

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I realize you have already gone to another company and are dissatisfied with the service you received. With that understanding, I would still like to help you understand what it appears happened.

I've been in this business 28 years and during those years, I've found that many people do not understand how State Farm agents must communicate with each other or the work that goes into what you believe is a simple quote request.

No State Farm agent has access to another agent's book of business. It is not interchangeable. Each agent is an independent contractor and has control only of their policyholder's info.

When you called the new agent, that agent was at the mercy of your former agent and their timing of when they release your info. You stated it was four hours that you waited for a quote. Did you inform the new agent this was an urgent request and something you needed absolutely immediately? For the amount of work that goes into relocating a customer from one state to another, same day service is considered very timely.

Most agent's offices are not allowed to just release info to another agent without permission from the owner of the agency.

The owner could have been in a meeting, out of the office or working with another client at the time of your request. It's a simple request to you, but a very important, time consuming transaction to the losing agent's office.

Once your detailed policy info is received, it must be thoroughly reviewed to be sure the proper discounts, benefits and coverages are applied correctly. The fact you changed states makes the request even more complicated because one state's laws don't necessarily apply in another state.

Those changes must also be reviewed. While the new agent's office is adhering to your request, remember, they are also working with their existing clients and any other new clients that are requesting service. The average State Farm Agent's office is working with 2,000-3,000 clients. The staff consists of approximately 3-5 licensed agents and team members.

I'm guessing that when you called the old agent to cancel, they were just trying to convince you to stay with the company and were stalling to have a chance to get the new agent the info they needed to service you. I realize technology is a marvelous thing and if you were a brand new client, quoting you would take mere minutes. As an existing client, it's much more involved.

I just wanted to reach out and maybe offer a tiny window into a different perspective.

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