Statefarm was my first insurance company when I turned 16 till recently at 23. when I lost my job and had some issues it was sad to see how this office could not help me since they have collected thousands of dollars from me.

My monthly payment was 430 when I first started and was like that for years in till going down to 200. I received the worst customer service from Jacqueline Ortiz and now as I am no longer with statefarm I tell everyone that I can two things. One stay away from Michael office on sample and university because you guys do not give a *** about people. And two if you are with this office leave or transfer to another office.

I have waited on a call for the agent Michael and never received it.

You guys may have dropped me but I will never forget to pass the message to my friends and family. Very sad when it is only about money and no customer service

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Sounds like somebody didn't pay their bills. That's the fault of whom?

Insurance companies are regulated by the insurance commissioner's office in your state. Your contract requires premium be paid. Only money constitutes a contract. Your insurance agency has NO CONTROL over your cancellation.


It doesn't have anything to do with service. Service, along with coverage ends when bills aren't paid.

Erie, Colorado, United States #813790

You have a good rant going but you don't say what they did or didn't do. What exactly is your complaint?

You mention something about losing your job and they won't help you.

Are you maybe expecting a discount because you lost your job? If so, does that work for you at other places like Walmart?

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