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I am new to this site, so I don't know if I can give names or I get in trouble? I was rear ended not my fault.

I live in MI. no fault Ins. Had to have neck surgery and rotater cuff, all was ok for a year, then out of nowher they called me a lieer, and said I would now have to pay all bills because they were going to take back money from all doctors, yes somehow they can.

My last chance was this independent doctor they were sending me too, and he will determine my fate, after a year, long story short, his report said yes I was injured, so my disabilty was started, then stopped, no explaination? In 10 day's I run out of a script that I can very well die, because you cant just stop this med.

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By the spelling and grammar of the original post, I think they MIGHT have a slight case of retardation or brain damage....just a thought.


Thanks once again, God bless, and have a nice Chritmas. To all the church going people, what is your opinion about suicede?

Do you go to ***?

Sorry about my spelling. Not saying these are my plans, but I would like to know?????????


Yes, I get no answears,,and I guess I will make sure I am at a hospital when I start having convultions. Thanks for all advice.


Have you contacted disability to let them know why. They should give you an explanation.

In Las Vegas where I live at, You need medication that would save your life. This almost guarantees you government assistance. You said you have ten days to get medical attention and get your script refilled. You can visit one of the many free or reduced pay clinics offered throughout the US. I assume you are american since it sounds like your issue would be solved with health care provided in almost every other country.

Remember it is illegal for someone to deny you medical attention if you need it.

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