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My wife was hit by uninsured motorist. I had full coverage and State Farm fixed vehicle.

I had to pay my $500 deductible, remaining $6500 was paid by State Farm. Upon completion of repairs, car was released to me. However, a "popping" sound, not evident prior to accident, was evident coming from front end area. Diagnosed as bad engine mount.

Filed supplement claim. State Farm claims not accident related. Nature of accident: rear end collision powerful enough to push vehicle into stopped car in front. Wasted front end body components, radiator and even compressor.

My feeling is such impact to engine compartment components could very likely damage sensors and engine mount. Again, sound was not there prior to accident. State Farm claims my vehicle 2008 Honda Odyssey has history of engine mounts wearing out prematurely. Regardless, sound was not there prior to accident.

My feeling is while engine mount may or may not have been worn, accident sent it " over the edge". Who's to say my radiator or compressor was on its way outs. But this was rightly covered and repaired. I've submitted a letter to my agent, pointing out the fact I've been a loyal customer for 30 years with very few claims, one auto, one home owners (burglary).

I have four vehicle policies, home owners, personal articles and a business policy. My question is, what type of pull does an agent have to over ride a decision of the claims adjuster. Is it unheard of for an agent to make a over ride simply as a good will gesture for a loyal customer in good standing?

I realize this may be somewhat of a unique situation.

However, any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

Tanks all!

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San Rafael, California, United States #625609

Agents have very little say if any in the decisions of adjusters, if you have an agent willing to give it a good fight you are lucky. This post stricken me because as long as you didn't elect to remove u1 coverage you wouldn't need to pay a deductible for starters.

If you did big mistake as its probably the cheapest coverage you can have. Secondly it's not uncommon for insurance companies to deny supplemental claims, the truth is everyone's car was better before the repair, new tires, new carpet new everything.

If an insurance company decided to make repairs on cars that seem to be mechanical and or maintainance related they would be out of business quickly. This is nt something I would hold against this company directly, take the driver to small claims if you disagree.

to I don't buy it Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #702317

You are correct that an agent has no say - however - U1 covers bodily injury only. Not physical damages.

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