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I have been driving for over 35 years. I have been dealing with auto insurance companies for the entire time.

In my experience State Farm is the worst insurance company I have dealt with. Anytime they have to pay they make things as difficult as possible for all parties involved. When I had insurance with them they insisted that I take time off work at my expense to see their adjuster so he could give me a lowball estimate that did not even cover the damages. I had to get a lawyer to get a fair settlement from them and still lost money on the deal.

When I have been involved in an accident with a State Farm insured driver, without fail, I have had to deal with rude and unhelpful claims adjusters who seem to only want to avoid paying. I have been reported to collections because they didn't want to deal with my insurance in one case where the accident was partly my fault, and yes they had my insurance information, they called me at least 6 times to ask me for it. In another case they tried to settle with me on a claim resulting from their insured running into my car while making a left turn through traffic. They lowballed it again, offering me less than what the cheapest body shop in town would charge.

I turned it in to my insurance and had to pay my deductible, but was still better off. I recommend State Farm to no one.

Apparently they make money for their stockholders but as an insurance company they are terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: As close as possible to fraud without crossing the line .

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: They have been operating like this for so long that legislation is probably the only way they will change. So I guess I'll have to contact my legislators and the insurance commision yet again..

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FYI, State Farm is a mutual insurance company who is owned by their policyholders. There are no stockholders.

Their money belongs to their policyholders. Their job is to defend their customers and their customers money. Period.

If you don't like dealing with a company who looks after the best interest of their own customers, pay your deductible and let your own company take care of your claim.

That's their job and what they're contracted, by you, to do.

As for taking off work to meet with an estimator, why did you do that? You had the choice of taking your vehicle to a shop that is part of the program that will give you the estimate that is automatically approved by State Farm. You clearly chose to *** from work and try and dictate the estimators job to them.

You know, the people who conduct estimates, on average, of 7 vehicles a day and who, on average, have been doing this for at least 10 years.

to Info Florida, United States #881482

State Farm has adjusters that received there certifications by taken a 40 hour course. They protect no-one but themselves.

Protect customers !!!

please this response must be from a State farm agent or the *** corporate office ***. The CEO Rust has done a great job training his adjusters to screw there policyholders.

to Info Coloma, Michigan, United States #962061

I stand corrected. State Farm doesn't have stockholders.

Somebody must be making money from their policies and it isn't their policyholders. They may treat their policyholders marginally better than how they treat non-policyholders but from what I have seen nobody is treated fairly. Once they get your money they do everything possible to avoid paying claims. The problem with taking your car to their shop is that then you have to accept the *** estimate they give you.

As to why I took time off work it was because the State Farm adjuster told me that they would not pay unless I did. I was young and *** at the time and didn't think they were out to screw me. The adjuster claimed almost all of the damage was preexisting which was clearly false. I had estimates from 3 body shops that stated otherwise 2 of which worked with State Farm.

As to more recent issues with them they have claimed that I have no insurance in spite of my having provided them with my insurance information multiple times and having had my agent call them. They have now reported me to collection and their collectors are threatening to take action to have my license suspended.

They will see me in *** before they see another dime out of me. I will retain a lawyer if they don't clear this up soon.

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