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Recently I cleared up all my outstanding tickets with the appropriate courts, and was told by the Judge since there was nothing pending in the court systems, I was eligible with a $55 re issuance fee to obtain my license. After further investigation I was made aware that i also must carry insurance containing a SR-22.

Immediately when finding this was all i needed to get my license was Insurance and an additional SR_22 and my license was mine again. I immediately called my Husbands state farm agent to inform them i would no longer be an exclusion on the current policy, as I was getting my license back as soon as i did the two required things, obtain insurance with an additional SR-22. His agent was not available so I was asked if i could possibly be helped by them. I proceeded to explain to them what I needed, they informed me they did not do insurance policy's where you had to have an SR-22, informed me of a couple of companies that might.

I wanted my license back so I informed my husband we'd have to switch providers. I found one payed a $300 deposit and made arrangements for monthly automatic billing. immediately called state farm left a message with the agents answering service, and called the insurance company 800 number to cancel the State farm policy before next billing. This all occurred in the 2ND week of October.

Yesterday via the mail we get a letter from the State Farm insurance agent, that due to them having to provide an SR-22 for me so I could drive, the policy would be increased and that if i allowed it to lapse by 1 day D.M.V would be notified and my license suspended again. We're still in shock because we've now paid a down Pym, to another company who filed the SR_22 with the D>M>V plus their monthly Pym. for this month, and now State farm, doesn't want to reimburse me because they said they added me like I asked and filed the SR-22 with the D.M.V, with no knowledge to me as i was told they didn't cover this sort of insurance, The new company wants their monthly Pym. as i have it on hold in lieu of waiting to talk to state farm to see if it's a floor am i really covered by them, NOTHING, no one's gotten back to me and i fear I have no insurance, and will loose my license again.

I have left numerous messages to that affect and still no response, so do i pay for another month with the new company to guarantee coverage and no loss of my license, just to have state farm automatically bill my acct for insurance they say i have, but I've not gotten nor have they mentioned anything about a card also containing my name on it?

Hmm makes me wonder what's really going on. and why can't i get a response from anyone, as they play Russian Roulette with my license thanks but no thanks, because of you state farm we're out of $300 and counting plus

Monetary Loss: $300.

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