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So I was backing out of a parking space and looked in my mirror and nobody was backing out or coming from anywhere! So I continue backing out of my space and a car from out of nowhere came backing out of their spot and we hit.

The same time that we collided the other person honks their horn. So I was at fault because they blew their horn. I am so mad!!! Anyways, they ended up with a tiny cracked tail light(Just the covering) not the light itself.

State Farm tells me that I get an accident forgiveness because I have been with them so long and not had one accident in my life...being with them for 16years! So I let it go even though I was mad!They told me my premium shouldn't go up at all because it was very minor damage and I should also be okay with having an accident forgiveness! Come to find out 5 months later I get a thing in the mail stating that I lose my accident free discount and they raised my premium an extra 20 dollars a month! So I call to ask about where my forgiveness is and the same lady who told me I get it asked me who I talked to and who would have told me that.

She stated that I began a new policy when my husband and I were married, so it didn't count at all that I had state farm from the get go. Nobody ever told me this in the beginning. They made it sound like everything would be ok and I get my forgiveness and the other lady had minor damage...then boom!! Not!!!

Then they tell me that it costed over one thousand dollars to fix her little cracked tail light!!! Sounds ridiculous to me!!! This person had State Farm also!! She was older and also ran into a pole 6 months prior to backing into me and she had previous damage on her car.

Called to make sure I wasn't paying for a dent that she already had and stated was already there. They called me back with unfortunately that is how much it costed. I think after 16 yrs...I don't care if I got married or not I should have my forgiveness and that accident should have been shared fault if anything!!! I am pissed and so done and leaving state farm!!!

I am even surrendering my life insurance from them!!! I never felt so used and screwed over so much!! I thought boy...if this was my only accident and I had all this stuff happen and they want to blame me for everything and not give me what I deserve then I should go somewhere where I feel more comfortable and I do not want to ever know what it is like to go through state farm if I had a major accident!!! Of course I was fine with them for my 16 years or so....but never ever had anything happen when I really needed them.

The one time something happens and I am horrible and I hit them because they freaking honked a horn!!! Whatever!!!And where my little suv hit her car it was in the middle of my suv and hers was on the end I was already way further out in the lane than her...but ...she honked a horn and backs into poles and I have a clean driving record and ok...benefit of the doubt...shared fault!! Why was it totally my fault???? WEIRD!!!

I bet you my policy paid for a whole new bumper which she dented on the pole for as much as it costed!!!

I have been screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!! By By State Farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, United States #1149740

they are crooks everything with sf was good with me until they described how thier accident forgiveness works smh ... ive had state farms since i was 15 yo and im now 35 and just recently had my first accident ever ...

however since i purchased the car that i just got in an accident with in 2013 i am no elligible for accident forgiveness ... in order for it to be covered i must have the car insured for over 10years ... that doesnt even make sense imo ...

maybe if i started with state farms in 2013 that might make some sense but ive had many cars since i was 15yo so according to state farms everytime i add a card LIKE I JUST DID my time starts over from that point ... smh

to Anonymous #1149743

i meant to say they arent cooks lmao

to Anonymous #1149842

You're misunderstanding. You do not have to have the same car for 10 years, you have to have the same policy for ten years, consecutively. You can change vehicles as many times as you'd like within the same policy, but when you cancel a policy, let any period of time pass, then insure again, you're starting over.


The almost exact thing happened to me in June 2012, however the agent has not been able or will not try and determine why my accident forgiveness is not in affect since I have had no accidents in 15 years. State Farm is not a very credible insurance company in my opinion.


I have State Farm car insurance and had pretty much the same accident as Pittsburgh except I looked behind me as I pulled out and the other car didn't. We were counted equally at fault and my

rate didn't change.

But since then I have been the poster child for pulling out very carefully. My family and I have been treated very well by State Farm. Not because we're in high society-we're not! But if a car is totalled we always get higher than blue book value.

My car was stollen and totalled but a sibling was at fault but we both got the same good deal. With all the commercials about the hundreds of dollars you save by switching to them I called a couple of those insurance companies to get a quotes. Neither company could even touch my rate!

And that included the four company quotes from Progressive. I hope the driver who pulled out of State Farm checked other rates first.


That sounds horrible to deal with them, has anyone had similar experiences with the accident forgiveness?

As for your accident described, since the other driver saw you and honked their horn that means they were aware of your car backing up, and you claimed that you did not see any cars approaching while you were backing up, and you continued backing up until you hit them and presumably they had stopped at that point since they were honking their horn. So I'd say the accident was your fault even though you were pulled out further, it doesn't matter since you hit the car that was in your path.

But still, the fact that State Farm didn't honor their Accident "Forgiveness" is unsettling. Does anyone know if they still dance around and not honor their word??


I'm right there with you. Been with them for 22 years, wife had one accident in our van during snow storm, 5 months later, 20.00 month premium increase.

I will be looking elsewhere.

to Anonymous #860974

Wherever you go, your policy will be surcharged due to the accident. All insurance companies work exactly the same in this respect. It's not the company, it's the industry as a whole.


State Farm are complete thiefs. I moved to Florida and all of a sudden my State Farm policy started increasing.

First, a different state. Okay. I get that. Then, there is a special tax state farm charges to cover hurricane considerations.

I get this.

I have received mail with policy changes (that I didn't request or change) every month since I have moved. Each month, State Farm forgets to include considerations like, multi car discounts, etc. I have to call to correct.

Then I have a pending traffic violation pending in my prior state (GA), State Farm cancels my umbrella policy. There is no ticket convention on my record.

It is pending. But, State Farm cancels the umbrella because they can make changes immediately. My request for changes are to be applied at the next billing month.

And as for Accident Forgiveness that State Farms spends billions of dollars advertising is a hoax.

Bull ***. On such forgiveness exists. If there is, someone please prove me wrong.

State Farm is nothing but a life eating machine with big profit appetite. I'm not opposed to making money, but not off the backs of Americans who pay their salaries.

I can't stomach State Farm any more.

If I could block out all of their millions of commercials I would. As soon as I can, screw State Farm, I am leaving them and have made it my personal passion to share with anyone who is interested that they are not worthy of business.



I agree with you completely and I also sued State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company,Myself V. State Farm,they are paying via check.

All in all. I still got screwed.

No longer a customer and will never go back.

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