My husband and I have been State Farm Insurance customers for 29 years. To make a long story short, we have never had a car accident or car claim ever. We also have never had a house insurance claim ever. Due to the poor economy and my husband's medical bills, our credit score has recently taken a knock. I received notification in the mail that they are dropping us ON ALL OF OUR INSURANCES in 2 weeks! We have never filed a claim in 29 years!

State Farm Insurance is a dishonest insurance company that deserves to go out of business. They have no loyalty to their customers - even a customer of 29 years. I have given State Farm Insurance thousands of dollars over 29 years, and I have filed NO CLAIMS EVER. My husband and I are now in

jeopardy of being thrown into high risk car insurance and high risk house insurance without ever filing a single claim.

I hope State Farm Insurance goes out of business. They do not deserve your business. I hope I save one person the pain State Farm has caused me. Thank you.

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If you are in jeopardy of having to obtain high risk insurance, there is more to this story than you are telling. You could be looking for lower premiums or whatever.

to anonymous #852356

I'm telling the total truth. We have had no car claims or house insurance claims.

My husband and I have never had a car accident, thank the Good Lord. When they notified us they are dropping all of our insurances, State Farm Insurance included a credit report from a credit reporting agency. Because of a lowered credit score, State Farm dropped us - period. We have paid thousands of dollars to them over 29 years, and we have never submitted a claim ever.

It said right on the letter that if an insurance company drops you (even without reason except a lowered credit score), the customer is in threat of being thrown into high risk insurance. State Farm Insurance chose to follow a credit rating instead of looking at our accident free driving record and no claims on house insurance. They chose to lose thousands of dollars from a lifetime customer due to a credit rating.

666 is already here. I chose to submit this review in order to save others from my stress.

State Farm Insurance does not deserve the business of new customers. Also, google the top ten worst insurance companies. State Farm Insurance is listed right there. I certainly understand why.

They have loyalty to no one. Thank you.

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