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My mom and dad were killed in a car accident and State Farm doesn't want to pay much they ask what was your moms life worth.

Just because she was in her 80's. Then when I called in to State Farm to complain the guy on the other end says what makes you think you deserve. What kind of people are they

A year ago in Feb my folks furnace coughs on fire they had a $2000

deductible so there agent said they wouldn't pay for the furnace

My folks sat three weeks with space heaters. I told dad State Farm should put them up in a motel until the furnace was put in.

There are other things they did but not going to go into more you get the jest of what my complaints are

Penny kluver

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

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What does your policy say ? That is what you go by not what you want or think you deserve. Read it

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #814489

So funny you must be an adjuster. I work with the guys and they screw customers day in and day out.


Car insurance is different from life insurance. How is this supposed to work?


I don't think you are telling the whole story. Insurance companies do have guidelines for paying out.

If what a person has for deductible will cover the replacement cost of an item the insurance companies don't pay out. If your parents only had liability coverage on their car, the only thing covered was anything that didn't belong to them, the other person's car, a light post, house, whatever they had hit.

Whether or not your parent's insurance pays out for their deaths will depend on the type of coverage. If another person was at fault for the accident, it is their insurance that should be paying out.

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