On April 23rd. i visited my State Farm agent in person to add full coverage to my antique automobile.His name is Vic Pfizemayer in Mansfield , Ohio on Marion Ave .

I have been a State Farm customer for over 40 years in very good standing and my bills have always been paid on time . As i entered the office at 10:30 AM on a Monday morning Vic looked at me and said to his secretary Linda , LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN . This comment he made to me is very rude to say the least . I think its time i made a switch to another insurance company that would show me more respect .

A comment like Good Morning Mr.

Wert or How Are You this Morning would have been much more acceptable to me .I just wanted the big shots at State Farm to see how their agents are talking and treating customers like myself . Thank You , Mike Wert.

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Are you kidding me? You are really upset enough to write on a public forum about someone making a common greeting toward you?

Seriously? Just the fact you referred to a State Farm Agent's employee as a "secretary" shows me how uninformed you are. The employees of State Farm Agents are primarily fully licensed agents who carry the exact same licenses as the agency owner.

You need to be the one showing respect. Also, register your policies online and you'll be able to do anything you'd like to do without ever having to bother walking into an agent's office.


State Farm as a company are crooks. They got caught by CBS 60 minutes about 12-14 years ago using some kind of special software that their employees used to turn down claims with medical issues or injuries.

The "agent" would use this special software to help write a letter to the claimant saying they were not approved because their medical reports did not substantiate their claim. The software made it look like it was from a doctor, when in fact it was someone with no medical training or knowledge whatsoever. An ex-employee was on 60 minutes showing all this and State Farm got busted big time. Just a couple of months later this episode had disappeared from 60 Minutes' website and you never heard anything about it again.

I'm sure State Farm payed CBS off to make it disappear.

I guess that makes CBS a bunch of liars too for being payed off and burrying the story, but we all knew They were, right? Just watch the CBS evening news and you'll see what I mean!


Yeah, I know this guy, he is an ignorant *** and his wife sleeps with everyone in Mansfield.


It was probably meant to be cute, not to suggest that the reason justifies the behavior. He is probably just a real ignorant ***. You hear that Vic, I called you an ignorant ***!

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