Why? In this litigious society we are now in does "STATE FARM" and "ALLSTATE" have every commerical showing the intelligent black and the dumb as a bag of hammers white? IO noticed that "ADT" uses only white people in thier commericals. And only white thieves or the (1) with a white and a black guy. Was the black guy showing the white how to break in or was the black guy being corrupted by the white guy? But to watch the insurance comms. It's always the black guy who is so intelligent. So??? Maybe SMART ole Dennis Haysbert can explain it to my dumb whtie ***. I understand today you cannot say anthing, (in the negitive), about the colored race. (Ergo, making me a racist which I'm not. You are a human or your not). I just get tired of seeing it. It's like those Mc Donalds comms. What race are they catoring too? Oh Yah I forgot. Love the one where it has the black guy moving back home, (The center of thr comm.) and a white girl, (always in a comms. too Black guy / white girl), asian girl and hispanic dude. Covered all the bases there. Only problem with it I have never seen that in my entire life.

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"commerical" hmm...

"intellegence" hmm...

OMFG - How Ironic!

No punctuation, usage of numerical characters in a sentence, and all caps to go along with it.

Wow dude, chick, or whatever you are, get a frickin' life!

Kirkland, Washington, United States #572978

Really if you spend that much time looking at those commerical and noticing thing such as those means 2 out of there things you don't have a job and you definitely are NOT RACIST REALLY and one more things maybe if you watched less TV and more Read you spelling would be better they say lack of intellegence and education breeds racism and buddy your spelling prove some of that

to Really wow Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1154645

I am a college educated professional with an advertising background and the point stated in this thread, regardless of spelling, is 100% spot on!Maybe you should open your eyes and view the world with an objective viewpoint rather than a victim / entitled viewpoint.

You need to get over yourself!


Racism is racism...no matter the color of people typecast based on the color of their skin.


it's reverse racism in commercial form. they should show intelligence on and off for either race.

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