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In a nutshell because no one has their insurance policy memorized. I decided to call to hear it directly from the agent of what exactly does my car rental cover. I was told $ 25.00 per day nothing of the mention, tax must be included, we don't cover fee's etc. She said everything would be covered in full, we would just need to send a copy of our rental receipt. I asked this more than twice, fast forward 2 weeks and I call to get a status of my reimbursement and i'm told that they only cover up to $ 25.00 per day everything must be included. Well why would your agent say otherwise? Even after I explained to her what my intentions are for renting with another company and if what I rate I was getting would be covered.

Asked for a supervisor, got someone named Rich Debrava..without directly saying it he called me a liar then proceeded to laugh in our face then start yelling on the phone. At no point did he have any customer service skills,any empathy or respect for his customers, nor did he want to acknowledge that his agent made a mistake. Of course he wouldn't!! Admitting fault would mean they have to pay out, to a company like them, they refuse to pay when they made the mistake.

I asked for another supervisor to get a grasp of why a "manager" would talk to ANY customer that way. Also called my agent and explained how furious I am with this entire claim. He re-assured me he would reach upper management and he would get back to me.

Finally the next day, I get a VM from Carla Warner and I called her back. Explain to her the above story, and I tell her that i'm very disappointed in the customer service skills of Rich Debrava. I also tell her that despite what my "insurance contract states", I called to get that information confirmed and was told something different than my policy, at that point the rental had already been made due to the agents information.

She also refused to admit fault and kept using the word "miss communication".

No, it was not a miss communication, it is clear that your agent made a mistake and gave me the wrong information. Instead of the company admitting fault and paying the rental difference, she kept repeating herself over and over. "we will honor your insurance policy and only pay the amount that is covered on it".

It was just a huge mess and I have never dealt with such *** service with State Farm ever before. Maybe they are upset because it was a hit and run and they are going to pay out of pocket, maybe they just don't care about their loyal customers.

Either way I felt beyond disrespected from all parties involved and I have taken my business else where, I did this within one hour of speaking to someone who calls herself "upper management".

Those skills and courses for customer service need to be reapplied and reinforced to all of your agents.

Remember your customer is always right, and without us your company will fail. Treat people how you want to be treated, I would never want you to be my "good neighbor", it's more like the "devil in disguise" .

We had state farm from 2003 up until July 2013, 3 cars and home, all vehicles have been moved and the home is next.

I hope this blog finds someone who is thinking of getting state farm. Loyalty means nothing to this company nor does it take ownership to agents mistakes, take your money elsewhere,pay less for the same coverage,get excellent customer service and people who value you as a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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It really does sound like a miscommunication. The part you're not understanding is that agents are not claim representatives. They have no ability to authorize claim payment. In the insurance world, the contract is gold. It's the ONLY authority. It's a legal document/contract. Keep in mind, agent's are sales reps. That's their entire job, to sell you a policy. Once a claim occurs, the claims department is in charge. Period.

Clearly, your agent gave you the generic answer without the exclusions, limitations and specific details as to what the policy contract reads. Your agent may not have even realized all of the details included because your agent doesn't pay claims. That's what the claims authority is stating was a miscommunication. Contract language is the only thing that dictates coverage.

The theory that customers are always right will get you nowhere in the world of insurance. If they were, there would be no insurance companies as they would all go out of business since customers always want everything paid regardless of what the contract states.

to Insurance 101 Chicago, Illinois, United States #682126

I used the word agent but it actually was a woman in the claims department, I just call them all agents. The way you described it is exactly how she handled my call, she messed up and I got screwed.

I wish I knew customer is not always right, especially in my scenario. I already switched insurance, do you have any suggestions??

to Anonymous #682257

You didn't get "screwed". The company paid exactly what they said they would pay, $25.00 per day. That's what you were told, that's what your contract states.

When you rented the car, did you inquire with the rental car agency the amount you would be responsible for? Did you just assume there were no taxes and/or fees? Did the rental car agency just hand you a vehicle without asking you to sign an agreement? Did you read the agreement?

The fact you changed insurance companies isn't going to solve the problem. This would be handled no differently with any other company. All insurance companies pay according to the terms of the contract. Next time, read your rental agreement with the rental car company before signing up for a rental car.

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