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After shopping for new insurance online, my husband and I found that State Farm had the cheapest rates along with the best commercials regarding customer service, therefore, we decided to sign up with them. We added three old cars for liability, one full coverage car and renter's insurance.

After the first month, the full coverage was dropped due to no picture inspection pictures which we never knew that we needed to do because they neither told us over the phone nor send us a request in the mail. After arguing with them on the phone for an hour, we completed the inspection, faxed the paperwork and had the full coverage reinstated. Two weeks later, they removed the full coverage again because they had not received the original pictures from the company who did the picture inspection. With that been said, I spend another two hours explaining to them how to find the paperwork and were to contact to receive what they need.

A week later my car was reinstated once again. These all happen within the first two months of signing up with State Farm. With all these happening, every week we received a new bill along with insurance cards for each car, confusing the *** out of me because I was not sure what amount of money was going to be taken out of my bank. I left four messages for my agent to contact me and a supervisor to straightened this out.

However, no one has returned my call nor I have ever heard the voice of my suppose agent. I contacted the main 800 number for State Farm and requested for my insurance to be reviewed over and to change to a different agent office due to the poor customer service and inconsistency on the bills. After picking up a new office while in the phone with the Rep, he advise me that he was going to have someone look at the file and change the office. Three months later, I am still receiving different bills, along with new insurance cards from the same office as I started.

The bills fluctuates between 30 to 60 dollar difference every month and every time I try calling the office and request to speak to a manager, the reps get very rude and hangs the phone at me. They are very unprofessional and rude.

In my opinion, they only offer false advertisement and in no way proper customer service or decent rates because they might give you a rate the first month but will increase at 10% each month, therefore, they do not have good rates. Besides, I rather pay as much as $100 more a month for other insurance companies that know what they are doing and puts their customers needs first.

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I had a similar, awful experience in the Albany area, through no fault of my own. I followed all rules and regulations.

Multiple erroneous bills, lack of processing of the photo inspection resulting in major errors on their part that they did not inform me about, multiple confusing declarations pages, repeated phone calls to State Farm, and no service from two different agents or State Farm to clear up the problems. The attitude from State Farm was astoundingly uncaring -- yet they were the cause of the problems and I was a long-time State Farm customer. I was surprised by the incompetence, lost all trust in State Farm, and am switching insurers.

I had good service from State Farm for years. I don't know what has happened to State Farm or why, but the company quality has seriously declined at the local and national levels.

Employee morale in the Capital Region offices seems low and the customer service is awful. Employees in two offices told me that there are problems at State Farm headquarters.


I too had purchased insurance with State Farm in Hobbs NM with Katrina Weiss. I was told to get liability, due to my car being old but was never told of the claim process of someone hitting my car.

It was not until a year later it eventually it happened, since I had purchased just the liability, I had to do all the hassle of contacting the insured motorist company, not to mention all the paper work of faxing the police report and calling the person who hit to give her side of the story. My car would not get fixed if all the necessary details were not provided. State Farm would only follow up on what was happening. NEVER was I told that I was going to have to do this and WHAT am I paying this company to do?

NOTHING. I have never ever had liability on any of my cars but was told this was the best option for my vehicle being too old, however, it was well taken care of with only a slight dent hardly able to see on the bumper every thing was in its original good condition. Now, it looks like a pinata and the other insurance went with the cheapest rate that was not close to any of my three estimates.

I had insurance with them back in 2001 and left them because of another issue and decided to go back. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!

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