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Both of my daughters were involved in an accident where there car was parked and a vehicle hit both cars. My oldest daughter, called her insurance company immediately and was told not to worry, they would take care of everything.

My youngest daughter called State Farm and from day one has gotten nothing but the run around. She was told she would have to file with the gentlemen's company that hit her. We called the company listed on the accident report and they had no such policy that the Gentlemen put down. We made several calls to State Farm and never ONCE was anybody helpful other than she was told she could make a claim under her insurance.

She spent 45 minutes to an hour on the phone with a claims agent. We got estimates but they didn't want them. They came out to look at her car sitting in our driveway and so now we think, we are finally going to get this taken care of. Were we ever WRONG!

We received a check in the mail for 800 less than the estimate. It was minus a $500 deductible. I went to our local agent last week to discuss this and again that was a joke. Happened to call the adjuster while I was there and its amazing that they had just pulled the report and the Guy did not have the insurance he reported on the Police report!

We already knew that so that was not NEW news but after running the VIN number it was possible he might have another insurance. My question was if he did not have insurance, why did you take a $500 deductible out of the check. It gets better. The claim agent would call me back that day or the next at the latest.

That was 4 days ago and NO WORD! Called agent today and he was going to get in touch with claims and would let me know something. He didn't call back but had Claims Department call me. I had to call them back and I got a VERY RUDE Lady that informed me that State Farm is smarter than the Police Department!

Needless to say this happened the end of August and as I said before my oldest daughter's has her car back and it looks great and my youngest daughter still has a car that is messed up in the front end and $800 short of having what the estimate said it would take to fix it! If any of you are looking for a dependable and Honest Insurance Company, I can definitely recommend a GREAT one that my oldest daughter has but I can also warn you off the worst one that I have ever dealt with. I have been a customer of State Farm for 40 years but will be moving all my policies to the GREAT Company my oldest daughter has and will recommend that my entire family that has State Farm move theirs too. They are ready to do just that!

For honest service and customer oriented, Don't look to State Farm! You won't find it there!

Product or Service Mentioned: State Farm Insurance Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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From my understanding someone got the guy who was at-fault's policy number down INCORRECTLY. Now State Farm didn't want to get your car fixed under your policy not because they are cheap, but because they didn't want your policy to increase or possibly non renew!

It makes sense. Did you ever get in touch with the other guy to get his policy number? It makes no sense to do it under your own insurance. I don't even understand why you would even call State Farm.

They don't have anything to do with the other guy's claim unless you actually wanted to do it under your own policy. I mean, if it were me I would call the guy or call the police to contact the guy for not having insurance.


You are exactly right, you are wasting your time. You must work for State Farm!

Your run around sounds just like theirs! First of all lets gets our Facts straight. We did not insist they file under her insurance, but since doing all the leg work ourselves, because State Farm was no help, the insurance listed was clearly not a valid policy so we had no choice but to go to our Insurance Company. Second of all no more than 5 times, we asked if they needed a copy of the accident report and were told NO!

The other daughters company when asked if they needed a copy of the police report, we were told NO, they would pull their own copy. We were told by State Farm that they could not do that. Strange how one insurance can and one can't in the same City and State. Third, I know exactly what my agents role in this is.

I definitely know he is only a Sales Associate and a Store Front. He is definitely not there to help Customers! Fourth but not least, the Policemen that wrote up the report was indeed sitting in the parking lot when all this occurred so I would call that an eye witness.

As for the other daughter, NO, her premiums WILL NOT go up as assured to us by her Company. She was not at Fault.

At this point in time, I will definitely take their word over State Farm's since as I said before, 2 weeks after this, her car was fixed and now its over a month, and the other daughter's car is NOT. What's really mind blowing about all of this is one insurance company is going after the owner of the vehicle and says he had no insurance while State Farm is taking their time and says the Gentlemen did have insurance.

I would think that all insurance company's would do a thorough investigation and one concluded that in 2 weeks and State Farm is still working on it.

Thank you for your insight into this.

to Anonymous #877659

I knew this would happen. I tried to inform you, but I knew I was wasting my time.

I don't work for State Farm. I do work for a very well known company. I have a license in insurance and my husband is an adjuster.

First: Yes, your oldest daughter's policy will increase in premium.

I don't care what you where told. It's not fault that they base it on, it's based on who has to pay the claim. If they complete their subrogation process and get a return on their payout, on your daughter's behalf, she will not be penalized. Otherwise, yes, she will be.

You turned it in to her company, they are paying out under her policy. They can't cover it under comprehensive (THE ONLY COVERAGE THAT WOULD ALLOW A NOT AT FAULT CASE). They are only left with uninsured motorist coverage or collision coverage. Either will count against her and only the underwriter will be making that call.

I highly doubt you have spoken directly to an underwriter in the central office. Claims people don't make that decision and neither do agents.

Second: No, most insurance companies don't pull the police report. That costs money and if they are pulling their own police reports on every claim, you, Mr.

Policyholder are paying for that now or later. Burden of proof is on the insured at the time of the claim. Period. I don't know why anyone would tell you they didn't need a police report.

They always need the report when more than one party is involved or there are injuries. I agree someone definitely dropped the ball on this point.

Third: Your daughter's agent did help her. He wrote the correct coverage in order for her claim to be paid.

He services the policy by verifying coverage, binding coverage, advising about coverage, making sure the proper billing is taking place, monitoring the household activities and weighing the risk vs. the policies in place. He did his job. Your doctor diagnoses your symptoms, prescribes the correct medication and follows up with ongoing visits.

He doesn't pick up your prescription, give you the doses and drive you to your next appointment. I'm not sure how much "legwork" you think an agent is responsible for when you have an accident. You contact the company, they submit the claim, investigate the claim, determine the amount and type of coverage and then you choose who, when and where your vehicle will be repaired.

Fourth: It sounds like you are disgruntled because you got your own estimates rather than following the procedure of letting the company provide an estimate for you and you don't agree with the estimates.

In most states and with most companies, you can take your vehicle right into the body shop that's part of the company's program and begin repairs immediately. I'm still not sure why that hasn't been done.

Fifth: "Taking their time" is not always a bad thing. Normally, better conclusions result from it.

Sixth: I'm glad the police officer was an eye witness. Does the insurance company know this?

Good luck with your claims and I certainly hope it all turns out in your favor.

to Been There #877815

It was not hard to tell that you are in the Insurance business. Thank you for your comments.

I appreciate you trying to enlighten me. At this point in time, I am just letting the attorney take this over. I am not in the Insurance Business but I am a Customer Service Manager for a very reputable company and I know what my Company does to make sure a Customer is satisfied and is treated fairly. It doesn't matter what Business you are in, Word of Mouth gets around and when you treat someone fairly, Word spreads how Great your company is and the same goes for poor treatment of a person.

I disagree that the Agent did their job, because he did nothing!

Thank you for your concern and I do believe this will turn out in my favor in the end but having to go through all this BS will cost State Farm several policies and I will never be able to hold them in the high regard that I have for the past 40 years and through the business I am in, I get allot of people asking me for references for insurance needs and believe me State Farm will not be one of my recommendations so who knows how many policies they will lose because of POOR service to a Customer.

to Anonymous #878331

OK, last try to help you.

The ONLY way one insurance company can verify the coverage of another insurance company is to receive written proof of coverage from the at-fault party's carrier.

The claims department must order that. Without it, their only option is to go ahead and cover the claim under your own insurance and that will most definitely count against your claim record. The company that pays out, holds it against the person they pay it for until fault is absolutely proven and all monies paid are returned to the not-at-fault carrier.

It's clear one carrier just paid under your daughter's policy without substantiating their loss and the other carrier is attempting to verify everything before proceeding.

Attorney's want cases with injuries.

They want huge damage claims. Their cut is around 40%. You get what's left. The case will come to a screeching halt until the attorney receives the certified copy of all policies involved, the letters verifying coverage, copies of all estimates, police report, witness statements, verification of ownership, etc.

Demand letters will be sent, replied to by all parties and then the back and forth begins. In the end you normally end up with a repaired vehicle, exactly the way it would have been repaired anyway.

Many times, patience is a virtue. State Farm has over 60 million policies.

They handle claims a whole lot, around 30,000 a day, I've heard. They have a little experience.

The VIN checks are never reliable proof. There are glitches in the DMV's systems.


I'm going out on a limb here because I think I may be wasting my time explaining this. Maybe you'll get something out of my 25 years experience in the insurance business.

First, your daughter's company possibly filed it under "Uninsured Motorist" and subtracted the deductible from the payout.

Depending on the state, that deductible will usually average $250. That is the case if they can prove the at-fault party had no coverage to provide. Since that takes an investigation to determine coverage, it's more likely your daughter's company filed this claim under collision coverage and subtracted the deductible. Most people carry a $250-$500 deductible.

In either case, if your daughter did not place a claim against the at-fault party, her insurance premiums will soon reflect that.

As for your second daughter's company, they are clearly letting you know your daughter is always better off filing under the at-fault party's coverage. Since you insisted they go ahead and file under her coverage, they must conduct an investigation. A police report is one piece of the puzzle. Unless the police officer was an eye witness to the entire incident, it's just his version of what he was told and the scene.

Again, only one piece of the puzzle. So, her company is investigating and attempting to keep a claim from hurting her history and future rates.

You took it upon yourself to get estimates. Most companies provide their own estimates and only agree to pay the amount their adjuster approves. Since she has chosen to use her own carrier, the only option left is to use collision coverage or uninsured motorist.

Without a copy of the police report in their hand, the only coverage available is collision. Again, minus the deductible.

Finally, your agent is a store front and a sales associate. This change occurred several years ago.They do not have the authority to make claim decisions and do not have a license to conduct claims. They have a license to sell insurance.

The claims department makes all claim decisions. You were most likely advised to discuss this with them, but you're somehow convinced you'll get a different outcome by working with a sales associate.

When it comes to claims, their job is to connect you to the decision makers.

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